1. March 19 2020
    Folk jam feat. remix by hartmut on acoustic Guitar Track # 184902
    working on this folk
    by hartmut
  2. March 19 2020
    Unplugged remix by ArkRockStudio feat. hartmut Track # 184849
    Hartmut's Song
  3. March 16 2020
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by hartmut on acoustic Guitar Track # 184610
    time only flows in one direction
    by hartmut
  4. February 19 2020
    Classical remix by Ivanovitch feat. hartmut Track # 182683
    by hartmut & Ivanovitch
  5. December 14 2019
    Unplugged remix by petebass feat. hartmut Track # 178041
    Living in this world

Contact Information


Aside from musical ideas:

*** Currently I try to learn about Reason-React Programming, share Your thoughts with me, if You plan similar ways. ***


I (born 1971) do acoustic guitar playing as a hobby.

I am living in Ulm (South Germany), working in IT, using ...

Gibson L-00 Studio guitar

Kawai ES 100 stage piano

Antonio Rubén spanish nylon guitar

Fender Mexico Stratocaster electric guitar

Kala KA-BFT Butterfly Tenor Bocote ukulele

I've abandoned Cubase Software 2019-08 and switched to pure Linux + Audacity + Zoom H6 recorder with built-in XY microphone. I love the simplicity of audacity and Zoom H6 overdubbing. (PS: Do not install audacity unchecked by virus/malware scanner, it is a big pain, that so many audacity installations are malware infected). The toolchain is now lot smaller, and I've more fun now with doing recordings.

Personally I like the studies of Tommy Emmanuel, Josef M. Gaßner, Richard Feynman, Jordan B. Peterson, Eric Weinstein, and especially U.G. Krishnamurti and say a big thank you to Alphabet/Youtube for that I am able to watch their valuable interviews and talks.

Here on Wikiloops, the openness, friendliness, the millions of possible ways to collaborate, I like most! A big thank You to all collaborators and the founder and developer, Dick.


January 1 1971

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Marceys from Netherlands

"Making music on WikiLoops is what binds us all! Thanks for the great rides all! "

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