1. April 11 2021
    Classical jam feat. remix by hartmut on acoustic Guitar Track # 215270
    there is a twittering bird
    by hartmut
  2. January 19 2021
    Folk remix by MarcoTJ feat. hartmut Track # 208643
    Bax in Time

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because of a bug in Wikiloops i cannot add more than 3 tracks into my showcase, and so I have to keep the showcase records list very short, unfortunately!!
help is appreciated.

my recommendations

Travis Worth & Toni Lindgren
"We're Good" (Dua Lipa cover)

Orla Gartland, and Nathan Cox


Guitar (rarely Piano)

recording devices

1) Zoom H6 mobile recorder 2) Rode NT 5 microphone 3) LR Baggs VTC Element Active under-bridge saddle piezo pickup


January 1 1971

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public Uploads: 899
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total plays:268,166
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