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As a child I've had keys lessons, but didn't like the lessons. Today, I practice with the classical guitar, as part of my hobby, for learn concentrate, and for unlearn distracting. Some try-outs I upload to my own website FunWithStrings dot com, and others I upload here to Wikiloops. With the electrical guitar I can "sing", what others do with their wind instruments natively. With the piano, it's nice to see the harmonies "from above" - a very practical aspect, and helps me understand harmonics and scales better.


Fender Standard Stratocaster; Antonio Rubén Classical Guitar; Gibson L-00 Studio Steel String Guitar; Carl Hellweg Junior IV 7/8 Classical Guitar; Kawai ES 100 ePiano

recording devices

Manjaro Linux running Audacity connected to Steinberg UR22mkII USB Audio Interface; Rode NT5 Stereo Microphone; Zoom H6 Mobile Recorder;

Electric Signal Chain: Guitar -> Xotic SP (Compressor Pedal) -> Strymon Deco (Effect Pedal) -> TC Electronic Flashback 2 (Delay Pedal) -> UR22mkII Interface


January 1 1971

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