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  1. February 02 2020
    Electronic jam feat. remix by issiro on Bass Track # 181474
    Anywhere You Go
  2. December 19 2019
    Unplugged remix by OliVBee feat. issiro Track # 178414
    Just Three Minutes - Issiro mix
  3. May 29 2019
    Pop remix by Wade feat. issiro Track # 164314
    Yummy Nougat.
  4. May 10 2017
    Jazz-Rock remix by OliVBee feat. issiro Track # 105624
    All For You - alt mix

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Electric Bass: Eyb Custom Jazz Bass 5-String, Vintage Icon Fretless VJ96; Fender Jazz Bass American Vintage '75;De Gier Soulmate

recording devices

DI-Out of Tecamp Puma --> Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 --> REAPER.

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public Uploads: 32
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given thumbs: 1,237
written Comments: 400
Forum posts: 10
received Remixes: 58
total plays:107,855
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