1. March 11 2016
    Jazz jam feat. remix by jaz100 on Trumpet Track # 67043
    Footprints of 4 (OliVBee remix)
  2. March 10 2016
    Electronic jam feat. remix by jaz100 on Trumpet Track # 66951
    Stages of Zeroes
  3. March 07 2016
    Jazz jam feat. remix by jaz100 on Flugelhorn Track # 66724
    Heaven - According to Gabriel

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I play in a couple San Francisco area jazz bands, and have played jazz in the area here for over 3 decades (darn it, I am no longer young)!.

As for influences, no big surprises to you fellow jazzers: Clifford Brown, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Blue Mitchell, Lee Morgan, 'Fats' Navarro (the lot of those top ever beboppers ...)

A Touch Of Brass Big Band
Full Spectrum Jazz Orchestra


I play trumpet, flugelhorn (45 years), valve trombone (10 years) and like to compose tunes (since in-vitro).

recording devices

Audio Technica AT2020 mic
Adobe Audition DAW

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