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  1. March 24 2020
    Blues jam feat. remix by jeremymjones on Guitar Track # 185385
    To Get To You
  2. March 24 2020
    Blues jam feat. remix by jeremymjones on Drums Track # 185384
    To Get To You - Drums
  3. March 24 2020
    Blues jam feat. remix by jeremymjones on Vocals Track # 185383
    To Get To You - Vocals
    by jeremymjones & jeremymjones

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The exploration of creativity through music is a passion. Music is a finely crafted outlet for dynamic expression of life experiences whether it be pain, joy, a testimony of faith or a random burst of creativity. I am grateful God has entitled my life with the ability to create especially through music. The journey still continues, so stay tuned.

- Yamaha S90 Keys
- Guild D40NT Acoustic Guitar
- Martin DCME Acoustic Guitar
- Handmade Evu Drum
- West African Talking Drum
- West African Akan Drum
- Shure SM57 Microphone
- Rode NT1A Microphone

Favorite band is Toto


piano, guitar, vocals, percussion, ocarina and I wish I could play the sax someday

recording devices

Adobe Audition CC, garageband


December 15 1983

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public Uploads: 54
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given thumbs: 192
written Comments: 241
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received Remixes: 88
total plays:40,467
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