1. April 14 2018
    Pop jam feat. remix by jussef63 on Bass Track # 135438
    Taping the slapped bass
    by Alex Sarikov & jussef63
  2. March 10 2018
    Jazz jam feat. remix by jussef63 on Bass & Mixer Track # 132069
    Path to somewhere
  3. March 03 2018
    World jam feat. remix by jussef63 on Vocals Track # 131366
    Triangle in a circle of stones
  4. February 21 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by jussef63 on Bass Track # 130431
    Mark King tribute
    by Stella & jussef63


Lots of influences, <I just love to play....let me know if I can do something for you smile.gif


I play bass guitar, a little bit of keys and just that...i own the following beasts:

6 string status graphite King Bass Black Beauty with blue leds.

7 string conklin Bill Dickens signature.

4 string Philip Kubicki EX factor.

5 String Yamaha BB bass

12 string krappy Guitars chapman style tapping instrument.

recording devices

I use a focusrite Safire pro 40 audio interface.


Yamaha and Genelec Studio Monitors.

Sony headphones.

I have some mics like a blue bird and some sm 57 and sm 58

I plug directly through the interface to my daw and I reharse on a laney 120 wat rms amp.

I used to gig on an ampeg svt pro head but now I'm no longer in the road...not retired though Wink


August 20 1980

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