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  1. August 17 2017
    Metal jam feat. remix by lionelhenr on Saxophone Track # 113910
    iwantrockuhard wth Sax :) :)
  2. June 12 2017
    Funk jam feat. remix by lionelhenr on Saxophone Track # 108409
    CruzKontrols horns
  3. June 02 2017
    Jazz jam feat. remix by lionelhenr on Saxophone Track # 107529
    Blue Eyes I fall in Love


Based in Paris, France
in 1980' I've been to a Bob Marley concert in Paris. My first concert ever. Still listening and loving Marley's songs.
Then, in 80's, 90's it was the time of The Clash, Police, Costello, Joe Jackson, XTC, The Jam, The Specials, The Beat...and a lot of other Brits pop rock bands.
in the meantime, I dove in the Jamaican music from Toots & the Maytals through Denis Brown.
I used to play the sax in a Ska French band. Lot of fun here.
Afterwards, a cooler listening from Jazz to Soul and Funk Obviously Charlie Parker, Otis Reding, Sam & Dave, Aretha Franklin, and the master Maceo...
Some standards are in my playlist such as Bowie, The Beatles, Prince, James Brown, U2, Toto...,
and one of my favorite bands is Bad Brain, a Punk/hard core rasta band smile.gif


Saxophone, Drums,

recording devices

mic: Shure PG27 USB
daw: Logic ProX, Mac mini
(I need to buy some monitoring speakers....)


February 14 1966

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