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  1. March 25 2020
    Metal jam feat. remix by mapproach on Guitar Track # 185414
    Ocean on fire
    by mapproach
  2. March 24 2020
    Blues jam feat. remix by mapproach on Guitar Track # 185351
    Tuesday Afternoon Blues Rhythm
  3. March 24 2020
    World jam feat. remix by mapproach on Guitar & Guitar Track # 185347
    Extended improvisation

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Doing mostly hardrock rhythm stuff, cause I suck when it comes to fast metal lead guitar.

Influenced by old-school metal (hardrock) bands like Motley Crue, Steel Panther, Ugly Kid Joe, Skidrow, ...


Guitar, for a very long time. Actually I'm pretty bad for the time I'm playing, so I'm not gonna tell you for how long.

recording devices

Laney Ironheart directly connected to Focusrite 2i2 USB interface. Recording and mixing completely done with Ardour in KXStudio and the Calf Plugins.


August 31 1971

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