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  1. April 01 2016
    Blues remix by Psycho feat. marocon Track # 68899
    Sofa Jam: The Casting Couch

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I love to write, to make something from nothing. It's a very addictive thing to do. A great hobby for me.

After discovering Wikiloops and the fabulous musicians making music here, I started using some of these tracks here in my writing process - particularly drum tracks. You can find various things I've completed here All the songs I've ever made are available for free to whoever wants them, though over the course of the years actual downloads are probably less than 10 in total.

When I get a bunch of songs together that I think are good I get 100 CD's manufactured and mail them out to all the campus and community radio stations in Canada. These are small, volunteer run radio stations with special non-commercial broadcast licences (for the past decade I've been a volunteer DJ at one of them myself with a show called Ear Candy) in the hopes that the songs will get some small amount of airplay and might reach people who will enjoy them.

I'm not a performer and don't think of myself as a musician. I have a writer's mentality.

Musical influences - I love The Beatles the best. I love how every song is so original and different from the one before. I strive to write songs with that ethos in mind.


I do have a Moog slim phatty I love to use, and a basic keyboard with a ton of sounds on it. I do use these things in fleshing out arrangements, adding accents and other sort of musical ornamentation. Given enough time and production work I can play a little bit, but I'd describe my skills as primitive. I have a couple of collaborators who add guitar and bass respectively to anything I'm working on that needs that.

recording devices

I used a program called Harmony Assistant that permits me to write and listen to scores, though I find I mostly use it these days as a place to record vocals and other parts, and don't often write musical notations on their scores anymore. I probably should use something like Audacity at it's designed for how I work now, but I haven't made the change. I also use Adobe Audition to manipulate sounds an add effects far beyond what I can do with Harmony Assistant. For my vocals I do have a Boss VE-20 that allows me to do a lot with my voice.


November 2 1960

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