1. September 15 2021
    Jazz jam feat. remix by mdn on Vocals Track # 226488
    Can't get u out of my mind (vocal)
    by MajorTom_III & mdn
  2. September 09 2021
    Jazz jam feat. remix by mdn on Keys Track # 226111
    Cocktails at the Sands
    by mdn
  3. July 09 2021
    Classical jam feat. remix by mdn on Keys Track # 221962
    by mdn
  4. March 18 2021
    Country jam feat. remix by mdn on Vocals & Keys Track # 213293
    The Long Haul
    by mdn


I'm a retired engineer but I've played piano all my life. My Mother taught me piano by the book when I was kid. I hated it and quit when I was 12 but started playing again as a teenager. I learned how to play pop rock songs by ear which got me back into playing. I liked the Eagles, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell.... the 70s you know? Never played professionally but have done lots of parties and special occasions, etc. I also teach through a city program for underprivileged kids. I took one of them under my wing, so to speak, because he has real talent. It's been tough with Covid but we're making it work. He's a really good kid. I also have a couple of copyrights, but I don't know where they are.

I picked Vince Guaraldi as my avatar because he is my favorite jazz pianist. He also reminds me of my piano teacher (now deceased) who was an old school, crusty Italian like Vince. He was a such great guy and taught me a lot. Mickey didn't pull any punches with how played, or wrote. The first time I played for him he said "I hear some good things, but you ain't no piano player. You got no time and you don't know chords." He was my biggest musical influence by far.

I'm very excited about this site! I only wish I had found it years ago, but that's ok. I'm here now, and now is all we have.


I have a Kawai baby Grand piano which I love. I had a digital piano which I gave my youngest son when he went to college. I just bought a Yamaha CLP 745 because it's a pain to record myself playing the Kawai on my phone and email the file to my computer.

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