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  1. September 18 2016
    Jazz remix by marmotte feat. mpointon Track # 84108
    Relax Just A Little + BackVocs
  2. August 24 2016
    Blues jam feat. remix by mpointon on Drums Track # 81592
    Our Key Blues
  3. July 12 2016
    Jazz remix by OliVBee feat. mpointon Track # 78047
    Alluvium - dimeomax mixed in
  4. May 16 2016
    HipHop remix by GlezBass feat. mpointon Track # 73246
    No, We won't Stop (w bass)
  5. February 14 2016
    Funk jam feat. remix by mpointon on Drums Track # 64651
    Funky Pops (+Video)
  6. February 09 2016
    Jazz remix by JDF feat. mpointon Track # 64223
    Day Tripper
  7. February 09 2016
    HipHop remix by JDF feat. mpointon Track # 64153
    Red Sand
  8. November 13 2015
    Rock remix by GlezBass feat. mpointon Track # 55095
    I Cry For You (w bass)
  9. October 29 2015
    Jazz-Rock remix by haddock feat. mpointon Track # 53822
    Lucky Charm feat. Wade
  10. August 10 2015
    Funk remix by aleonz feat. mpointon Track # 47178
    Dance Dance Dance
  11. July 16 2015
    Jazz-Rock remix by OliVBee feat. mpointon Track # 45141
    The Wheel Of Life (Alice mixed in)

Contact Information


My real name is Martin Pointon, hence my unimaginative username and this is my little social media corner of the web. I used to do Facebook, Twitter, et al, but do not any more. The Filter Bubble got to me, if you will. Well that's my excuse. The real one is that I got bored of reading everyone's lies about how 'perfect' their life was whilst simultaneously handing my entire private life, movements and whether I like Crunchy Nut Cornflakes on a plate to a bunch of profiteering advertising loons pretending that life is good if it's 'free'. And I work in software development. That's the sad bit.

So I hang out here. Where I get to be me. I get to be a musician. I get to play with great players from around the world without judgement or image. Players with talent. Players who enjoy their music. Players who play because that's what they enjoy, not what impresses people. A place where we do music. Not somewhere which singing in the shower will get you on the next episode of 'I'm A Celebrity'...

Apart from playing drums, my other achievements in life include going bald, being able to rub my stomach and pat my head (might be related to the baldness) and getting divorced. Twice. Because doing it once was so much fun.

Earliest drumming influences are Buddy Rich, Alex Van Halen and Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds' drummer). From there I've listened to and learned from countless other players, nicking tricks and licks as I go. From Vinnie Colaiuta to Steve Gadd to Mike Portnoy to Carter Beauford to Stanton Moore to my current favourites: Gavin Harrison and Ash Soan. The list is long and dull! They're all brilliant and I'll listen to any drummer - they all offer something to learn for me. I also graduated from Musician's Institute (PIT), London in 1994.

I desire only one thing with my drums: to get better and especially improve my overall quality of play. WikiLoops and its amazing breadth of international talent makes me realise how much more I have to learn to become the best player I can be.



Kit 1
1992 Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom (UK-spec) pure birch shell in Cobalt Blue Lacquer. Normally record with a 5-piece set-up, but full kit is 8x8, 10x10, 12x10, 13x11, 14x12 rack toms, 16x16 and 18x16 floor toms and 22x16 bass drum. This kit is usually my recording kit.

Kit 2
Spaun 3-piece all-maple kit (12x8, 16x14, 22x18) in Satin Flat Black. This kit is usually found stacked in the corner in its cases waiting for my next gig!

Vintage 1964 Ludwig 400 aluminium shell with Puresound 24-strand snare wires (still have original snare wires)
Pearl 13x3 brass shell piccolo
Yamaha 8000 14x5 mahogany shell in Cobalt Blue
Premier XPK 14x5.5 Birch/Eucalyptus shell. I made and signed this snare myself at the Premier factory in Leicester, UK. Before they went bust.

I need more snares!

14", 15", 16" and [cracked] 17" Zildjian A Custom crashes
20" Zildjian A Custom Ping Ride
Vintage 13" Zildjian K/Z hi-hats
10" Zildjian A Splash
14" Zildjian Oriental China

Pearl Eliminator double pedal - the double bit is rarely used
Yamaha boom stands (Yamaha kit)
Gibraltar boom/straight stands (Spaun kit)
Mapex hi-hat stand (Yamaha kit)
Gibraltar hi-hat stand (Spaun kit)

Exclusively use Vic Firth SD9 Driver (rock maple). Because I love them. Can't imagine ever using a different stick now. Sadly they don't pay me to say that.
Pro Mark bamboo Hot Rods

Yamaha Kit: Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated on kick, all other drums use Remo Coated Ambassador heads. Reso heads are Evans Genera
Spaun Kit: Aquarian Superkick 10 on bass, Spaun [Evans] single ply clear heads on toms

Stagg cowbell
LP blue (high) and Red (low) Jam Blocks
Pro-Mark Sizzle chain (for simulating a riveted cymbal)
Jack Daniel's and Coke

recording devices

2xShure SM57
2xAudio-Technica condenser overheads
2xAudio-Technica clip-on tom mics
AKG D112 kick mic
Sony stereo mic

Terratec Phase88 8-in Firewire 800 interface (using Thunderbolt adapter)

Early 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15" (Quad Core, 256 SSD, 16GB RAM)
Reaper 5 DAW
Waves Gold Suite VST3 plugins
Apple built-in AUs
Reaper built-in VSTs


January 1 1973

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