1. October 23 2019
    Electronic remix by ArkRockStudio feat. onorium Track # 174325
    Again Again
  2. October 23 2019
    Rock jam feat. remix by onorium on Bass Track # 174320
    by onorium
  3. October 22 2019
    Electronic jam feat. remix by onorium on Bass & Mixer Track # 174242
    Again Again Bass (no Synth)
  4. October 20 2019
    Pop jam feat. remix by onorium on Bass Track # 174062
    In the popping 'nrock
    by mpointon & onorium


I played bass since I was teenager
I use only 5 strings basses cause I love hear the power of live B ,it is a drug for me.
I like listen clear music.


Electric V strings basses:

Ibanez sr 1805 NTF
Yamaha TRBX 505 TBN


Gallien Kreuger MB 212 II & MB 115 II

recording devices

Focusrite 2i2, acid pro 7


October 25 1983

User stats:

public Uploads: 373
Fans: (received thumbs)3,333
given thumbs: 1,415
written Comments: 1,246
Forum posts: 0
received Remixes: 534
total plays:304,358
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