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my first album
Gesangsstücke Teil1
Gesangsstücke Teil2


  1. August 06 2019
    Country jam feat. remix by peatric on Drums Track # 168865
    What Do I Say Now?
    by JodyTripp & peatric
  2. July 22 2019
    Funk jam feat. remix by peatric on Computerbass Track # 167936
  3. July 14 2019
    HipHop jam feat. remix by peatric on Drums & Guitar Track # 167402
    Strong Hochdahl
    by peatric
  4. July 04 2019
    Pop jam feat. remix by peatric on Guitar Track # 166676
    This Word is emty without you


1963-1967 Band-- The Black Boys aus Duisburg
1968-1969 Band-- The Selection aus Walsum
1970-1973 Band-- Empire Sound Orchestra
1975-1976 Band-- Love Train

immer Guitar/Bass/Gesang

1981 - 1996 Sound Studio
bis heute Home Studio


Virtual drums,Groove Agent5( Bass, Gitarre mit mehreren trackaufnahmen noch möglich...Gicht in den Händen),Keyboard ok

recording devices



June 14 1949

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