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  1. October 05 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by powellto on Keys Track # 148036
    That's Piano Joe
  2. September 14 2018
    Metal jam feat. remix by powellto on Drums Track # 146639
    Metal Drum track (machine guns)
    by powellto
  3. September 14 2018
    Metal jam feat. remix by powellto on Drums Track # 146638
    Machine Guns
    by ERWAN & powellto


Started playing the drums before 6 yrs old. Played Alto-sax 1982-86. Dabble on the keys, guitar and base. Playing drums off and on for 40+ yrs. Metal, Hard-Rock, rock and country. Lead vocals and song writing during 2002-04.

Top 5 Influences:

Led Zepplen
Van Halen


Drums, Percussion, Vocals

recording devices

Roland TD-50KV. Audacity software. After 40+ years I finally got an electric drum set! Purchased May 2018...

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