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    I played in bands during the 90s and had a break for about 15 years. The reason for playing edrums instead of accoustic is that the edrum has one big advantage. It is not very loud !!

    One musician (Helge Schneider) I like, once wrote something like: " I was already a very famous musician at the age of 12 years, especially for the neighbours living above and below me."

    I want to avoid that. I work as a service technician and am travelling a lot. We have a small daughter and I have a step son.

    So,I maybe manage to play 2 - 3 hours a week at the evening and I already have to fight for that at home smile.gif.

    If I like a track at the loops I will pick a drum sound from the toontrack mixer and put it on my drums.
    Usually I just play until my time's up and pick the last take bounce it, mix it a little ( I am horrible at mixing, but I love to try ). I also like to try percussions , so I sometimes add a 2. track with percussion sounds which I also play on the edrum or some of the edrum sounds that Logic Pro offers.

    I always liked a lot of styles in music from hard rock to R'n'B and Jazz. Most i've always liked when styles are mixed.

    Bands I like to listen these days: TV on the Radio, Rival Sons, Visioneers, Roots, BadBadNotGood, Ed Friedland, Femi Kuti, Groundation, Hot Water Music, wikiloops.....

    I often have long drives over 6 to 7 hours and like to make strange Mixes for the trip and than i will come home home and try some of the stuff at home on the drum. I would also like to try more bass , but I can't get away from the drums as long as I can not say I can play them well enough which will probably never happen.

    So you guys will have to live with that I guess !! smile.gif
    edrum roland + toontrack superior drummer
    Yamaha TRB 1004

    I would love to play something like a Xylophon -- maybe in future
    recording devices
    Focusrite for A/D
    Logic Pro 10

    Midi controller (keyboard for fun)
    December 22 1968

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