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  1. October 27 2016
    Blues jam feat. remix by vocalman43 on Vocals Track # 87743
    Living the Blues
  2. September 14 2016
    Blues jam feat. remix by vocalman43 on Vocals Track # 83668
    Personal Blues
  3. July 18 2016
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by vocalman43 on Vocals Track # 78484
    Deadmans Tale

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I have been writing since I was young.Sang in the shower mostly,lol But it's like a drug. It's your therapist, your lover , and your friend all in one.Or one at a time, lyric by lyric, note by note. I'm not the best at vocals. Don't want to be. I just want to relate to just one. For them to hear it and they can relate and it sticks in their head. And for better or worse, its a part of them. A part of a memory.


I play a little guitar, I have a Epiphone Les Paul, a cheapy acoustic guitar. I have a Akg D-5 microphone going thru a Tmp-1 Peavey Mic-preamp. Also Own a Rhode NT1A codensor mic as well.

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I'm using Cubase Le 8. For now I'm using my Akg mic and a pre-amp. I add effects later in the mixing process. But I have a TC-Helicon harmony G-XT for live performances. I send my signal thru a Alesis mixer for now. With M-Audio BX8a monitors or my AKG K240 studio headphones. I usually start mixing with my headphones first, then I use my monitors. Getting ready to set up dual monitors, which I'm stoked about.


December 13 1971

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