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  1. June 12 2020
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by zwpercussion on Drums Track # 192151
  2. May 23 2020
    Jazz jam feat. remix by zwpercussion on Drums Track # 190767
    This Place
  3. May 23 2020
    Funk jam feat. remix by zwpercussion on Drums Track # 190763
    Say What

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I was inspired to start drumming at the age of 11, when an older cousin brought some Sandy Nelson and Gene Krupa albums to my house. The following year, in 1965, a friend made me a drum out of a 25-litre oil can, covered with goat skin which didn't smell very nice, but I fell in love with that smell and I can still remember it. In 1966 I was asked to join a band, and we did a few gigs including an end-of-term school concert. In 1967 my parents bought me my first drum kit.

From my late-teens people were telling me that I sounded like Ginger Baker. The strange thing is, I've never liked his playing. I was also told I sounded like Kenney Jones (Small Faces) and Andy Ward (Camel), whom I admired very much. So, those who inspire us are not necessarily the ones who influence us. My favourite drummers, now, include Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta. They inspire me, but I sound nothing like them.

I've played semi-pro for most of my life, and pro during two periods, in South Africa and the UK. In 2009, I decided to stop playing gigs, with rare exceptions. The amount of money I was getting from pub gigs, mostly, no longer justified my time, effort, and cost. Because of the amount of gear I carried, I would have to arrive at venues an hour before the rest of the band, and packing after gigs would also take an extra hour. On average, with travel time, I would spend 13 hours on a gig.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Wikiloops, and now I spend more time behind my drum kit than I did while I was still doing gigs.


I can't claim to play any other instrument, but I know just enough to enable to write songs with the use of a keyboard or a guitar.

recording devices

I play Ludwig drums, with Istanbul cymbals.

Bass drum: 22". Toms: 13, 14, and 18". Snare drums: LM400 and 1960 6x14 mahogany/poplar/mahogany.

Drum heads
Bass drum: Aquarian Super Kick-2. Toms: Aquarian P2 clear or (mostly) Aquarian Deep Vintage-2 or Evans Hydraulic black. Snare: Aquarian Super-2.

My bass drum, tom, and overhead mics are AKG, and Shure SM57 and SM58 for my snare drum.

I use PreSonus Studio One software, with an Audio Box interface.


March 15 1953

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