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Another fine play from Stef with that magic DFD drum track. Thanks for listening.


I think wonderful your superb sax lines, this languid phrasing so refined always perfect in the insert time. 2:45 to 2:52 ... LOVE IT! DaDumps heartfelt thanks for the exciting atmosphere so skilfully created!+1
March 07 2017 22:28:33
DaDumps Would be nothing without your fine playing. Just following the master and trying to play in keeping with what you set up. As it is I'm not sure that you wanted some of the dissonances I threw in there. Very glad if it's OK for you. +1
March 07 2017 22:45:29
Stef Thank you DaDumps, the dissonances increase the charm otherwise you would have superimposed melody on the melody but it would be a solution granted, it is just the added value the dissonance. I would just tell you that this your wonderful add deserve many many other appreciations ... +2
March 08 2017 06:18:02
DaDumps Once again you're very kind in giving such positive feedback. It doesn't really matter that much to me whether there is much recognition for these tracks. It's a reality of this site that it's mostly about guitar, bass, drums, keys and singers. Sax is of marginal interest, like trombone or tuba. I'm just glad that there are a few people wanting to listen and appreciate the effort.

Also, as you'd know, I've spread my uploads out over a few memberships, otherwise I'd be uploading too many on my primary membership.
very sensitive and soulful playing :)+1
March 07 2017 22:29:15
DaDumps So good of you to have a listen Thanks OliVBee. +1
Ah - fantastic. Really a perfect match with Stef's keys and DFD's laid-back groove.+1
March 07 2017 22:31:03
DaDumps Thanks GE. I've got to watch being too "laid back". Could become a bit too comfortable and fitting with "old age". +0
So powerful concerning the emotional side
So subtle in the presence and what about the musical aspect !!
March 08 2017 06:35:11
DaDumps So glad this works for you in an emotional way. Couldn't hope for more. Thanks. +0
so great!+1
April 18 2017 23:18:57
DaDumps Glad you like this moody piece. Thanks. +1

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