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Open Template for anything! Have Fun....:):Y
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Electronic, Synth, Dance


Cool rhythm Ron... you could use that as you DJ name!:D+1
March 08 2017 14:09:09
mortheol LOL..."Cool Rhythm Ron" yeah I like it:):D
I will use it when I go out clubbing:P
I have a bunch of these templates I made like this. They make really good backing tracks to use for practice since the tempo is perfectly generated. Like a metronome but not as boring. It is basically an arpeggio based around a chord so it's great for scales, etc...Give it a try:D
I will upload more. I never know what someone might like or use. I am going to try and focus some time on templates to build on versus my usual meanderings..LOL
Ok...I will still meander:|
very cool dancenumber my friend ;o) :Y+1
March 08 2017 14:11:00
mortheol Thanks Uli...I love to dance:Y:):D +0
I like it very much - when something comes to my mind, I play to it: D+1
March 08 2017 17:34:59
mortheol Wenn du es nicht tust, werde ich...LOL;):)
Vielen dank Rene:D
March 08 2017 17:40:10
abuitremorem Super - so I have no stress :) :) +1
March 08 2017 17:42:56
mortheol Well...maybe a little:P +1
Edgy with a retro feel. Very very cool Ron !! :)+1
March 09 2017 02:52:10
mortheol Hey Rob Thanks...I am an edgy retro kinda guy:D +1
agree with Rob got a classic vibe+1
March 09 2017 02:53:25
mortheol Thanks Gary:)
I love messin' with so many differnt types of music..cool this works:)
Nice !+1
March 11 2017 01:06:53
mortheol Thanks very much Bryan:) +1
cool base Ron, great :)+1
March 11 2017 01:06:21
mortheol Thank you very much Andrea:) +0
Super cool!! :)+1
March 11 2017 01:06:04
mortheol Thank you Martina:) +0
Super nice electro one my friend :) The title is really cool+1
March 11 2017 01:05:43
mortheol Thanks GP:)
Yes...just "Press Play"..LOL
super cool retro track Ron! you made an excellent track to other to have fun!+1
March 11 2017 01:05:12
mortheol Thank you Alice:)
It was fun:D

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