Broken Heart Blues

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Came across this old slow blues by SlonMusic and Danalyze45. Superb! Thought I would pour my heart out this afternoon.... Snow blizzard in New York City:( Added vocals and remixed the tracks. Room for keys and and another guitar. Thanks guys for the jam:)


March 28 2017 21:02:20
francisco alfrancisco al
muito ótimo, ALawrence1
+1 March 28 2017 21:42:21 francisco al ALawrence1
Thank you!!!
March 19 2017 14:50:24
It's hard to go wrong jammin with these guys... and you sure proved it it in your own way. I really enjoy your blues style... bravo :) !!!!
+1 March 19 2017 15:09:53 Psycho ALawrence1
Thanks so much Bruce! That's what I love about the Loops. I've discovered that I have as much love for the blues as I do for country<3
March 15 2017 18:36:31
wow Andrea this is so cool,and i see you like Beth Hart,she is one of my favorite singer,have seen her live 6 times,she`s very popular in Norway...
+1 March 15 2017 18:52:07 slin ALawrence1
Thank you Slin. I'm experimenting with some more expressive phrasing in my blues vocals. More to come. Still need to let go more and not be afraid to show raw emotion. Beth is one of my favorites. Especially when she teams up with Joe Bonamassa. Unfortunately, he was not with her on Monday but the guitarist she had was pretty good too. Beth reminds me a bit of Janice Joplin, with smoother edges:)
March 14 2017 21:47:12
Ah some sweet blues Andrea.
+1 March 14 2017 21:58:47 FrankieJ ALawrence1
Hey thanks Frankie. So many cool blues tracks on here. It's like Christmas all year long:)
March 14 2017 21:32:53
perfect blues! Andrea :)
+1 March 14 2017 21:34:37 frenzie ALawrence1
Thanks Frenz! I'm experimenting with different phrasing and vocal sounds.
March 14 2017 21:56:05 frenzie frenzie
well you did great!! :)
March 14 2017 22:00:40 frenzie ALawrence1
Went to see Beth Hart at Town Hall in NYC last night. What an inspiration! If I could get half as good as her, I'd die happy:)
March 14 2017 22:05:02 frenzie frenzie
Well she is very good listen to Bessie smith and the old ladies, more subtle but even better imho :D
March 14 2017 22:14:17 frenzie ALawrence1
I do listen to them. My favorite is Etta James.
March 14 2017 22:18:57 frenzie frenzie
Oh yeah etta is one of my fav's !! :) :)
March 14 2017 21:05:25
Fabulous track <3
The lead guitar is so cool too !!:D

+1 March 14 2017 21:10:09 ARNOSOLO ALawrence1
Thanks:D I agree, the lead guitar is awesome. I was able to bring it out a lot more than what was on the original track.
March 14 2017 20:48:07
magnifique B)
+1 March 14 2017 20:52:36 wikibeb ALawrence1
Merci beaucoup<3
March 14 2017 19:54:52
Great job, Andrea :)
+1 March 14 2017 20:05:59 Don_T ALawrence1
Thank you Don. I always appreciate that you listen:)
March 14 2017 19:19:31
Great - the blues and you fit perfectly to each other :) :) :) :)
+1 March 14 2017 19:21:53 abuitremorem ALawrence1
Thank you so much. It is fast becoming my favorite genre.

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