Storm is coming!!!

Remix step #3 (playing)


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Damn, went finger style....maybe a storm needs a pick?


April 24 2017 23:01:07
Awesome eGil :W
+1 April 24 2017 23:04:17 ivax eGiL
Thanks Xavi! :)
March 16 2017 02:27:18
It works... cool play :)
+1 March 16 2017 17:29:52 Psycho eGiL
Thanks Bruce :)
March 15 2017 18:02:17
a very very cool bass eGil...
+1 March 16 2017 17:29:41 slin eGiL
Thank you Nils :)
March 15 2017 13:45:25
maybe Gangnam Style?
I don't even know what that is!:D
Pluck on!!!!

+1 March 15 2017 13:48:28 GemmyF GemmyF
Gangnam Style refers to the behaviour of Koreans in the Gangnam district in Seoul where they over-spend to look wealthy, however the wealth is not as fabulous as it seems. The Atlantic times provides deep social insights into the meaning of Gangnam Style:

A great example of this is the articles explanation of coffee references in the video:

Psy boasts that he's a real man who drinks a whole cup of coffee in one gulp, for example, insisting he wants a women who drinks coffee. "I think some of you may be wondering why he's making such a big deal out of coffee, but it's not your ordinary coffee," U.S.-based Korean blogger Jea Kim wrote at her site, My Dear Korea..."In Korea, there's a joke poking fun at women who eat 2,000-won (about $2) ramen for lunch and then spend 6,000 won on Starbucks coffee." They're called Doenjangnyeo, or "soybean paste women" for their propensity to scrimp on essentials so they can over-spend on conspicuous luxuries, of which coffee is, believe it or not, one of the most common. "The number of coffee shops has gone up tremendously, particularly in Gangnam," Hong said. "Coffee shops have become the place where people go to be seen and spend ridiculous amounts of money."
March 16 2017 17:29:30 GemmyF eGiL
Haha, i'm trying to stay away from the Gangnam style, but maybe.... :p
March 15 2017 04:35:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

March 15 2017 00:09:47
This storm blew me away!
+1 March 15 2017 00:14:18 Tu eGiL
As long as you're coming back to us that is good ;)
March 15 2017 00:04:17
this rocks, going to do a vocal add if Gary does not have something planned already
+1 March 15 2017 00:13:49 KMstar eGiL
Duet then? ;) Go for it! :)
March 14 2017 23:54:16
Where is my umbrella brella :W
Great storm !!

+1 March 15 2017 00:12:56 ARNOSOLO eGiL
:W :W :W ;)
March 14 2017 23:23:09
Oh ya man very cool lines thanks
+1 March 14 2017 23:25:25 axenvocs eGiL
Thanks my friend, hope i didn't mess it up too much
March 15 2017 02:15:32 axenvocs axenvocs
did you hear Kens voxs turned out great
March 14 2017 22:37:37
sounds pretty awesome to me little cowpoke... no pick needed unless your fingers are sore :D
+1 March 14 2017 22:39:28 Don_T eGiL
These fingers are like titanium dear dad! ;) :D
March 14 2017 22:43:59 Don_T Don_T
great.. now get pexe's track done :D
March 14 2017 23:26:17 Don_T eGiL
Working on it! :D Didn't find a weird enough sound yet :p
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