Beneath The Wind.

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"Beneath The Wind" is just a little song I wrote this week. Just an expression of a hope that the wars that´s surrounding all of us more or less would soon come to an end. Maybe it all starts by listening to each other and talk in a nicer tone and more sincere way. Just listening to the voice beneath the wind. (What do I know?)
I hope you will all like this little song. It could need some adds. Drums, Perc, Keys maybe a Hammond and more choir. Some strings maybe a Cello. Feel free to make any adds.

I made a little footage including subtitles of the working process of this song.


May 16 2017 21:33:15
Super song, Peter.. awesome lyrics, delivery and music.. :W<3<3<3
+1 May 17 2017 16:05:01 Don_T Peterpingo
Thanks Don. I´m very glad you like it. And very honoured as well.Thx. :)
April 01 2017 23:16:15
Great song! :W
+0 April 01 2017 23:28:22 hartmut Peterpingo
Thank you Hartmut. I´m very glad you think so. :)
March 23 2017 15:30:54
Bravo Peter, great message:)
+0 March 23 2017 21:58:15 heinzlet Peterpingo
Thank you very much Alberto. I´m glad you like the song. And the message too. :)
March 19 2017 21:21:56
Wonderful Song, Peter!
+1 March 19 2017 21:26:43 Liesching Peterpingo
Thank you very much Marc. I´m very glad you think so. Much appreciated. :)
March 19 2017 18:08:25
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Peterpingo
+1 March 19 2017 18:19:17 francisco al Peterpingo
Thank you so much Francisco. I´m so glad you like my friend. :)
March 18 2017 17:44:36
Perfect! I like the mix, your voice is excellent.:):)
+1 March 18 2017 17:49:25 Pewi Peterpingo
Thank you so much Peter. I´m so glad you like it and to read you kind comment. :)
March 18 2017 15:49:52
Very pretty song Peter. Will go check out the video... kudos :)
+1 March 18 2017 15:54:41 Psycho Peterpingo
Thank you so much Bruce. Glad you like it. The video is a little more "finished" version. It is mixed with a drum track. :) THX.
March 18 2017 00:52:10
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
super catchy beautiful chordings and great vibes....nice work it a lot!!! :)
+1 March 18 2017 12:09:13 Major 3rd Peterpingo
Thank you Craig. I´m glad you like it. :)
March 18 2017 00:34:03
great job all around.. great vocals, lyrics and playing. :)
+1 March 18 2017 12:10:07 Don_T Peterpingo
Thanks Don. Glad to read your very kind words. THX. :)
March 17 2017 22:45:02
Very nice composition and vocals and live your arrangement and choice of instruments. I also enjoyed your description and so agree with your message. You are a gifted musician, Peter!
+0 March 18 2017 12:14:45 Itocpogo Peterpingo
THank you very much Dan. I´m so glad to read you kind words. Pleased that you like this song and as well that you agree with the message. ;) The opportunity to make music like this and a lot of other kinds of music, while meeting great persons and musicians like you my friend is probably my greatest gift as a musician ever. :) :W

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