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A new favorite (thanks for the post adu). I edited it a bit, then added an intro and solo. My hopes are another vocalist might sing on this version, but anything you want to do works for me. Making these is tricky because you don't know exactly where to put the solo break. If anyone wants to try and sing on it and needs it reworked, just let me know =)


March 20 2017 00:48:00
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Psycho
+1 March 20 2017 01:02:18 francisco al Psycho
Mucho fun right here... thank you very much :)
March 19 2017 12:56:44
great work man!!! :) <3
+1 March 19 2017 14:55:50 jjdf Psycho
Can't express how much I like this one... thanks for great compliment :)
March 18 2017 22:37:16
Needs a singer? Your guitar laid down a fine melodic line. Would have liked to have heard you continue it throughout.
+1 March 19 2017 03:06:37 Wade Psycho
I actually have a full version I played on this :) To put it up felt like I was going to be the song hog once again, so I opted for sharing. But who knows, maybe one day the full blown version will pop up :) Thanks my friend !!
March 18 2017 20:40:35
One of my fave activity in weekend is checking on the loops and listening to a great music...and so good to see this track pop up in my feeds, wonderful play Big Psy!
+1 March 19 2017 03:02:26 aleonz Psycho
You always have beautiful things to say Big Al... thank you very much gal :)
March 18 2017 20:09:30
Class, hearth & soul! A very beautiful add Bruce! :)
+1 March 19 2017 03:01:03 Stef Psycho
Thanks Stef... this was my kinda track for sure :)
March 18 2017 19:38:12
Wonderful add Bruce. You put a lot of soul into this great track. You add a new level to it. It definitely deserves a good song now. :)
+1 March 18 2017 19:42:11 Peterpingo Psycho
Thanks Peter... I try to put some effort in melodies, especially one such as this, but I'm a hard core jammer at heart as you guys know all too well ;)
March 18 2017 19:51:18 Peterpingo Peterpingo
I think you do both things pretty good Bruce. :)
March 18 2017 19:03:20
Very cool Psy
+1 March 18 2017 19:26:38 jmrukkers Psycho
Thanks jm... can't say enough how this was an inspiration to work on :)
March 18 2017 18:55:19
I love this style
I love your style

+1 March 18 2017 18:56:46 hartmut Psycho
I'm glad you like it, and you are so kind my friend :) Thank you very much !!
March 18 2017 18:32:11
awesome job, Bruce. Seems to me that you left plenty of space for vocals, and they can modify the verses/chorus to make your solo sound like you played it after the fact :)
+1 March 18 2017 18:48:24 Don_T Psycho
Thanks Don... yes, easy to edit. I do it all the time. Vocals would be cool, but anything works for me... I'm easy :)
March 18 2017 18:12:27
Has Bruce, a very nice track! I think your contribution enriches this track even more attractive:)
+1 March 18 2017 18:55:10 Pewi Psycho
Very nice of you Pewi... this one was way to tempting and just couldn't let it slide away. Thanks :)

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