Wipe These Tears Goodbye

Remix step #3 (playing)
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Very cool track from Slin and Frenzie:) Just had to jump in. Lowered the key down one step to Ab and modified the lead a bit to highlight the vocals in the first verse. Thanks for the jam guys!


March 19 2017 14:46:37
Your a recording genius... this is excellent Andrea... very cool track :W
+1 March 19 2017 15:11:11 Psycho ALawrence1
Having good equipment and programs helps. Also, I've learned a lot from you all on here. Gonna upload a remix of this, small tweaks to the vocals and some of the horns. Call me a perfectionist:)
March 19 2017 15:18:48 Psycho Psycho
Nothing wrong with making things work the best you can. Just shows you don't know the meaning of sloppy, or just throwing up a speedy recording :)
March 19 2017 00:33:37
Marcelo DMarcelo D
Amazing Jam by all. It has a mixed feel between House of the Rising Sun and Summer Time hehehehehe. I love this style. 2:07 on is wow. Amazing Andrea :)
+1 March 19 2017 02:59:31 Marcelo D ALawrence1
Thanks Peixe! I'm experimenting with various vocal techniques.
March 18 2017 23:45:54
Fabulous track Andrea !! <3
+1 March 19 2017 00:04:03 ARNOSOLO ALawrence1
Many thanks my friend. This one was a bit of an experiment.
March 18 2017 22:55:06
Great vocals Andrea! Great track by all of you! :)
+1 March 19 2017 00:03:10 Stef ALawrence1
Thanks Stef. Now it's time to get caught up on all the recent music on the site:)
March 18 2017 22:30:51
Nice version Andrea! :) :) thnx voor joining sister! :) :)
+1 March 19 2017 15:21:13 frenzie ALawrence1
Well I totally enjoy jamming on a song with your guitar. I can feel the ache in the tone of your playing<3
March 18 2017 21:45:33
very cool work, Andrea.. I should take mixing lessons from you :)
+2 March 18 2017 22:15:07 Don_T ALawrence1
Anytime:) Thanks for listening.
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