Mary Had a Brittle Lamb

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I had given up on this one because I couldn't get the vocals to sit outside the mud, but then I heard DannyK's version and got jealous enough to put in the extra work.
I'm obviously best at writing lyrics and song concept, which I can do for anyone as quickly as some of you can do your pro remixes. Just give me a track number and a title or subject... and I can make words for you to sing.
I think there are parts you never heard before, and still have some fixin to do. Always welcome others to put their spin on the ideas, and I don't get offended by someone doing it better... just means I have to try harder. You must play this loudly!


April 24 2017 11:24:15
I'm just listening again at the moment, very great track ;o)
+1 April 29 2017 05:21:12 Uloisius DrStrgeglv
Thanks! When I have time I may do it mo' better.
March 20 2017 04:19:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

March 19 2017 19:06:03
Another title you could have used while you're in the process of changing them on the fly ... "Mary Little had a Lamborghini"
+1 March 20 2017 04:33:42 Ernie440 DrStrgeglv
NICE- My wife said, "Mary Had a Little Clam" (she's witty)
March 20 2017 11:32:39 Ernie440 Ernie440
haha, good one!
March 19 2017 18:22:05
A little work here, a little work there, cut, mix, add and you get something like this. Exellent!!

March 19 2017 17:46:45
wow DrStrgeglv,this is so damn cool,good you got jealous,so we could her this cool singing...
+1 March 19 2017 18:19:27 slin DrStrgeglv
Thanks, Slin... Me and the Maj3 are trying to figure out how to get in there clean, though. DannyK found a nice hole to set in, but it's like a big EQ mystery that we have to solve to really blow it up. This thing runs on its own so I'm reluctant to stand in front of it.
March 19 2017 13:48:47
Really cool man!!! Love it!! Great performance. :)

March 19 2017 08:18:44
Your tenacity has paid off. This is a super song and just the middle part I find particularly creative ... thick thumb :W :Y <3

March 19 2017 02:41:07
kid gloves
sid loves
slid off
did you

March 19 2017 01:32:45
Fantastic. With us in Switzerland the male choirs die because of aging. Maybe they just lack the cool stuff you'd give him and the youth would run back to them.
+2 March 19 2017 01:56:58 abuitremorem DrStrgeglv
how bloody funny!
March 19 2017 00:34:22
Fabulous track my friend !! :W
Love the part at 2:27 :W

+1 March 19 2017 00:39:39 ARNOSOLO DrStrgeglv
Of course I wanted a better mix, but there's some good parts.
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