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So I tried to play with demian's cool 5/4 drums he did with Kimbo. I didn't really play with him(well I sort of did--but I strayed alot) so I didn't include drums. It was inspiring to play with them though!!!!
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jazz-rock, santana


Very cool Jim.+1
francisco al
muito bom, GemmyF+1
What I love about being free to play what you want is that most of the time it produces magic that even the GREATS can not capture even if naturally they are superior musicians compared to guys like me. But that does not take away the greatness to your creativity and fine playing that is always to me theme based that builds to a wide rage of variations that are glorious and makes me want to shout with joy!+1
fantastic :)+1
Very nice, timeless track that invites you to dream. Sit here with a coffee, listen to your music, look out through the window into the rain and dream of spring ;o)+1
Gemmy stop playing with yourself LOL .. Actually, go ahead, it sounds great :)+2
March 19 2017 03:18:34
GemmyF Nobody else will so I have to either show them how it can be done, or just try to get the satisfaction of jamming with someone I know!:D +2
March 19 2017 03:20:58
Don_T well, you know, if you got in the habit of listing what key you are in, or maybe the tempo, or some little something to help us get started, I know a hillbilly who will attempt any song :) +1
March 19 2017 03:26:17
GemmyF Now you know I don't know any of that high falutein' musical stuff!

Demain played a 5/4 drum track but I walked all over him, just using his drums as a distraction(after I could NOT actually play with him) So I'd be a liar if I said 5/4. Key come on man --Amin and Dmin--Earballing it is the way!!!!
It's making all the breaks and tempo changes people don't like messing with my files.
March 19 2017 03:30:35
Don_T breaks and tempo changes seem to be all the rage these days.. you ever tried to play along with a simonous track? Is like having to stop at every rest stop on the highway and then taking off at top speed to get moving down the highway again lol ... as far as "earballing" I have an inner ear infection at the moment. is really hard to detect stuff at the moment. I posted a track earlier that was so bad, that even adu called me on it.. apparently I was about 10 db louder than the track lol +1
March 19 2017 03:50:43
GemmyF I have one too and I get super dizzy!!!!!!
Very Scary!!!!!:@:o
March 19 2017 03:52:11
Don_T yep, almost fell out at work Friday morning.. not a good feeling at all :( +1

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