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I always use a warm up track to get my fingers going, I use the same track over a period of time until I find a new one. And when that happens, it is always a good time to hit the record button. This one has a pretty repetitive backing track, which is great for jamming but hard to make it not boring. So other than the riff and the theme melody, I tried to introduce a lot of elements for variety, such as the wahwah, the rhythm bit, the funky drum sections etc. - and not a whole lot of pure soloing. So while this is open for anything and anybody, including the Single guitar track for someone to chop and change or adjust volumes, what I really like to hear is some keys to fill it out. Thanks to Baer and Dick for the backing, and thank you for reading this ;)


April 08 2017 21:48:28
killer song!

March 20 2017 19:58:08
Ahhh, that's a real extended description! Just shut up and play yar guitar! ;)
+1 March 20 2017 20:45:39 will_C TeeGee
Hahaha there is always someone...no and yes :) - and remember I am the Guitar Zero ;)
March 20 2017 00:19:06
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, TeeGee
+1 March 20 2017 08:55:08 francisco al TeeGee
Thank you Franicsco :)
March 20 2017 00:14:10
nice one :)
+1 March 20 2017 08:54:45 OliVBee TeeGee
Thanks Oliv
March 19 2017 19:54:12
Cool B)B)
+1 March 19 2017 21:25:41 frenzie TeeGee
Thanks man :)
March 19 2017 17:07:38
Great lead guitar TG! Excellent phrasing and sound! :)
+1 March 19 2017 18:29:06 Stef TeeGee
Thanks Stef :)
March 19 2017 16:19:45
love it TeeGee.. sounds awesome <3<3<3
+1 March 19 2017 18:28:53 Don_T TeeGee
Thanks Don :)
March 19 2017 15:17:57
So I read it!!! did you mean NOT Boring or did you want to say that it's hard to make a boring track. I mean that's how I feel, I just didn't know anybody had the same problem! I like mucho the wah(more wah), then the chords that go into finishing "leadish" at the end of the phrase,,, sick slick fast stuff towards the end....!and finally the dive bomb into so slaying mode picking!:Y:D:W
+1 March 19 2017 18:14:26 GemmyF TeeGee
Lol the "not" was missing. One missing word can make a whole lot of a difference :D :D I mean when it's the same chord sequence, and the bass riff is the same and there are no real drum fills etc, it can become boring if I just soloed straight for 5 min. I generally think that too long solos are boring to listen to unless it's maybe a top class guitarist, which I am not. And while it it super fun to jam and solo for 5 minutes, I don't think anybody has the patience to listen to it. Hence I tried to make a lot of changes and variations. I know you are aware of this, you do a lot of tone changes too, volume changes and effects in your tracks too :)
March 19 2017 18:18:20 GemmyF GemmyF
I just hear Dylan singing or Droning how ever you hear it...."The times they are a changing"
March 19 2017 15:04:34
Sweet bass sound dick!
+1 March 19 2017 18:28:38 Basallan TeeGee
...and what about those drums? Pretty cool, eh? :)
March 19 2017 18:30:43 Basallan Basallan
Its all good :)
March 19 2017 14:59:41
Sounds great tee! Nice jazzy rock lead, very cool!
+1 March 19 2017 18:28:07 Ernie440 TeeGee
Thanks man :)
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