(You and Me) Forever - remix

Remix step #5 (playing)
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Psycho732 jams Supporter
+ 16
Jim and I are accompanists, so I tried to establish the core of the song by tweaking this and that.

In other words, playing with the mixer =)


April 11 2017 04:52:06
Marcelo DMarcelo D
Great mix Bruce. And your add is lovely too. Thanks :)

March 25 2017 15:11:01
Bruce, this is perfect and I love your tone! Wonderful add to a gorgeous song!
+1 March 25 2017 17:39:33 Haffast Psycho
Thanks Haf... such a great song I keep tinkering with it. I think I'm done now :)
March 26 2017 01:03:08 Haffast Haffast
Hahaha! Hard to enough's enough isn't it? :D ;)
March 22 2017 09:47:55
Your classic sound...couldn't be anyone else.
+1 March 25 2017 17:38:41 Wade Psycho
Thanks Wade... really like this one, so I tried to mix it a little better. Still learning the ins and outs :)
March 21 2017 04:17:00
excellent mix Big Psy! neat and clear, we all blend in sweetly , so glad to hear you did this, thank you Big Psy!
+1 March 25 2017 17:37:31 aleonz Psycho
Thank Big Al... glad you think it sounds ok :)
March 20 2017 22:22:02
super nice mixing, Bruce.. think you need to give me lessons :)
+1 March 20 2017 23:12:37 Don_T Psycho
Thanks Don, I learned from a lot from practice, just since I've joined the loops. I mainly use FL Studio that has a lot of VST's to greatly help. But whatever you use as a DAW, many free VST's are out there. A multiband compressor is a good start. But really it all boils down to the ear, so I always wait 24 hours and listen again with fresh ears :)
March 20 2017 19:47:08
great song and great mix:D
+1 March 20 2017 22:55:07 davidaustin Psycho
Definately a great work by Marcelo and Al. I thought it might help to smooth the edges after the adds :)
March 20 2017 18:14:14
A very good work. In my ears this sounds perfect:)
+1 March 20 2017 22:44:31 Pewi Psycho
Wow, thanks very much Pewi... very nice of you :)
March 20 2017 13:24:11
Excellent mix Bruce!
+1 March 20 2017 22:43:50 ALawrence1 Psycho
I know how you are the perfectionist, so now I really feel better about this attempt. Thank you Andrea ;) :Y
March 20 2017 22:47:16 ALawrence1 ALawrence1
I smiled when I saw this remix for that very reason:)
March 20 2017 12:40:46
Excellent mixdown Bruce! :)
+1 March 20 2017 22:42:04 Stef Psycho
Gave it a shot... good to work on mixing :) Thanks Stef !!!
March 20 2017 12:38:33
sounds super :):):)
+1 March 20 2017 22:41:17 abuitremorem Psycho
Thanks very much abu :)

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