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GemmyF586 jams Supporter
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So I'm a volume fanatic on tracks--so I did a remix!
Great Play by DanDiplo(bass) Demian(drums) Snoop90(keys/synth)


March 21 2017 08:25:52
lovely :)

March 21 2017 03:04:25
Sounds good Jim!!

March 21 2017 01:38:15
Ahhh...missed this one. Cool track from top to bottom.
Nice mix and cool playing Jim:)

March 21 2017 01:13:37
very cool jam - sets and interesting mood for sure :)

March 20 2017 23:55:23
Great mix - I admit mine was a bit rushed, so thanks for putting right!:)
+1 March 21 2017 00:13:39 DanDiplo GemmyF
It started softer with Demian's mix, and got softer with yours. All I did was increase volumes on Demian's mix(plus 5dbs and yours plus 5 dbs) then on my output I have a limiter plug in where I have a little gain added and -.6 dbs to keep it from clipping--that gives a really good LOUD mix but not too loud
March 20 2017 23:49:59
very well done by all and the mix is awesome on my studio speakers
+1 March 21 2017 00:29:46 KMstar GemmyF
thanks Ken for the Studio Speakers stamp of approval!!!:D I just have headphones, but they are really good....a gift from loving wife!:)
March 21 2017 00:35:49 KMstar KMstar
I use JBL 8" monitors cranked up but I have an acre and great neighbors
March 21 2017 00:49:40 KMstar GemmyF
That is the way it should be! Ken!
March 21 2017 01:24:53 KMstar Demian
were is the party??
March 20 2017 23:32:58
Good! fitalltogetherandsoundsbetter

March 20 2017 23:16:46
diggin' the groove here guys!:|:o
+1 March 21 2017 00:03:48 GemmyF Demian
Hey Jim, here is one of the best pop bands from Argentina,(my favorite) with wondefull Singer Federico Moura
March 21 2017 00:22:25 GemmyF GemmyF
so this is what the teenage girls are liking in Argentina right now? Sounds 80's--which is better than what the teenage girls like in the USA right now.
I mean the best of the early 80s in US, UK. Thanks for the link! Tight band and great sounding vocals --I like his vibarto in his voice!
March 21 2017 01:14:52 GemmyF Demian
no! Its a 80's band, pioneer on all Latin America of pop sound, you know synth, midi etc. Moura died in 88 i think, HIV + and no treatment in that years
March 21 2017 01:16:35 GemmyF Demian
Very good lirics too
March 22 2017 15:52:29 GemmyF GemmyF
I did think he looked way too skinny for his own good!
Speaking of skinny yet muscular, Ginobelli made the coolest floater in a game last night over a Young(23 year old--7 foot guy)
March 23 2017 01:40:37 GemmyF Demian
Haha! Ginobili N°1 fan!

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