Ella te quiere

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New Zealand
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Sexy Latin groove from GlezBass. Tenor added. My favorite combo of bass and sax. Listen to what's not played between these two instruments that your mind fills in.


Thanks for the trip, I'm on a boat to somewhere ! ;)+1
March 29 2017 10:21:00
Wade I hope the boat arrives OK. I'm just sitting here on our island in the South Pacific...maybe dreaming of being back on the beach in Malaga with Mario? More a Latin feel that South Pacific! Many thanks for the listen and comment! +0
after quite crazy days, this kind of track will surely made a perfect getaway for the mind, with an excellent Vitamin Sea , you and Mario took my mind fly away to my wonderful beach...sweet sexy track Wade!+1
March 29 2017 10:18:35
Wade Such a kind thing to say. So good when music can transport us in our minds to pleasant places and good memories. +0
francisco al
bom trabalho, Wade. sopro perfeito+1
March 27 2017 20:50:58
francisco al
Wade Significa muito para mim receber sua aprovação. Esta é mais a sua cultura e estilo do que o meu. +0
Here that thing goes again...you are really good at making people's thinking go wild! :D+1
March 27 2017 00:06:41
Wade I wish everyone had the same reaction as you. For whatever reason you seem to be very plugged into the sax. I can assure you it's a mutual admiration. I primarily listen to guitarists. My record collection is 90% guitarists and maybe 1% sax players. I just don't get much of a kick out of listening to sax. My weird hands just can't play other instruments (short fingers with very thick ends and a very bent little finger left hand). I'm lucky to be able to play woodwinds, but it's not my first love. +0
A velvety tenor sax swaying as the tide that fill of Latin charm this track. Taste & technique in perfect blend Wade! :)+2
March 26 2017 22:08:50
Wade Means a lot to me that you like this one. It's a style I seldom play, yet have in my head from the Bossa era. +1
fantastic Wade :D :Y+1
March 26 2017 22:06:04
Wade Cheers Xavi! +1
very very wel played Wade...+1
March 26 2017 22:05:53
Wade Thanks very much slin. Very glad you like. +0
Always admire those who play jazz very well. A fingerstyle latin guitar would be so cool, if only I had worked on that style back in the day. Very cool track !!!+1
March 26 2017 22:04:41
Wade I sure wasn't thinking jazz when I played this. No canned syncopations from me! Play whatever you hear in your head. Maybe go back to Mario's beautiful template? I think it could lend itself to many different interpretations. +0
Nice track....thinking about so backseat guitaring, sure wish there was some one who could do it....:D+1
March 26 2017 21:56:54
Wade Well it's open to all...what's the worst that can happen? Glad you like. +0
March 26 2017 22:14:22
Wade Just caught your add...welcome to the beach party...did you bring the beer? +0
Really nice, I feel like I'm on the beach, watching the girls go by ... ;):) Great playing!+2
March 26 2017 15:14:59
GemmyF Ahhh Ernie, the problem is the beach you are on is limited to 250lbs and over women! Glad you're enjoy your beach time!:|:@ +1
March 26 2017 17:26:04
Ernie440 Plumpers! :O +0
March 26 2017 18:06:33
GemmyF Plumpers Beach! only in N.S. and Corpus Christi +1
March 26 2017 20:13:35
Ernie440 well of course ... "Corpulent Christine" .. you knew that's how the name came about right?? :O +2
March 26 2017 21:55:27
Wade Yea, it has that Ipanema sort of feel. Hopefully not a cliche! +1
March 26 2017 22:13:26
Ernie440 Nah it's super nice man, relaxing, great playing, so glad there is this kind of variety and skill on here. What an opportunity! +1

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