Do Not Say That, DT!!!

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A fun statement to forget the embarrassment of our current USA politics. There is open space from 2:52-4:45. The following are the keys of the blues progressions, many keys for the frustration every time I listen to the news. 0:05-0:45 Bb7/Eb7/Bb7/Rest Eb7/Eb7/Bb7/Rest Cm7/F7/Bb7/Rest 2x 0:47-0:1:26 B7/E7/B7/Rest E7/E7/B7/Rest C#m7/F#7/B7/Rest 2x 1:29-1:47 C7/F7/C7/Rest F7/F7/C7/Rest Dm7/G7/C7/Rest sax solo 1:49-2:07 - Db Blues Db7/Gb7/Db7/Rest Gb7/Gb7/Db7/Rest Ebm7/Ab7/Db7/Rest 2:10-2:28 - D Blues ...


francisco al
ficou legal. solo perfeito com esse andamento tá show, Itocpogo+1
November 20 2017 18:20:18
francisco al
Itocpogo Muito obrigado, meu amigo! +0
F A N T A S T I C!!!!!:o :P:W I don't know how I missed this one my friend!!!!! this weekend I will try something !! this time it's me who thanks for detailed chords sheet, it will be a big help!!! :)+1
July 19 2017 16:24:05
Itocpogo Thanks so much Joao! It so very kind of you to find this! I am very excited that you will add! Thank You, my friend! +0
July 19 2017 16:21:29
Itocpogo Thanks Frankie, I appreciate it! +1
Lenny Cowler
awesome track:)+1
July 19 2017 16:20:47
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thank You so much Lenny, I appreciate! +0
Hello Dan - is it possible that you only upload the Sax? Would be super :) :) :) I try something, but do not know if it succeeds.+1
May 22 2017 17:42:03
Itocpogo OK! Do you want the sax mp3 track with (how I recorded it) or without equalization? Thanks, Rene! +0
May 22 2017 18:35:50
abuitremorem Most liked the way you mixed it in the track.Most liked the way you mixed it in the track. Reason is the LP of Ornette Colemann :) :) :). Would like to try something new for me in the mix. Thank you very much Dan :) +1
May 22 2017 21:11:18
Itocpogo Always willing to provide you with any of my sax only tracks, Rene! +1
May 22 2017 21:23:31
abuitremorem Thank you very much. Now i have to do :):):) +0
very very cool one Itocpogo...+1
March 27 2017 23:29:29
Itocpogo Thank You very much, I appreciate it! +0
What a fantastic track Dan. Great theme and wonderful phrasings. I´m very impressed by your "service" writing down all the "missing" chords. Really good work on all parameters. :)+1
March 27 2017 16:23:22
Itocpogo Thanks, Peter for such kind words! +1
Hi Dan, for me this is one of the coolest Sax tracks I know! I can learn a lot from your technique. Respect my friend!+1
March 27 2017 16:22:32
Itocpogo Thank You, Pewi! I appreciate your kind words! I always learn when I listen to you and others. Wiki is a fun community not just for the music but for the interaction with nice people. +1
March 27 2017 17:10:05
Pewi Here I am your opinion! If English is so easy to understand and to speak would be like music :) :) +0
March 27 2017 16:19:46
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Jim! +1
groove goin' on here - well done!+0
March 26 2017 22:14:46
Itocpogo Thank You very much, I appreciate it! +1

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