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Hi friends :) Just got home after a full working day and started to play. I think it is a latin, blues, funk, crazy kind of track :) I was smiling with it and having fun while I played so I decided to share my happiness with you. I used piano, Klav and Rhodes. Hope you enjoy. If some crazy musicians want to join I would like to hear some drums, bass, percussion ... and any thing you would like to play on this one... ...
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Latin, Blues, Funk, Marcelo D, Piano


Smiling so big here through the song, this is really a great fun track Marcelo, so good to hear this boiling track fresh from the oven...fresh air! that dark blue part super sweet! smooth changes..I really enjoyed your track (as always), very cool happiness to share :) thank you for this good time :)+1
April 11 2017 17:11:59
Marcelo D So good to read your words my dear Al. Its an honor to have you singing on this template. You are amazing :) +0
Cool Keys Salad, many composants, colours, spices... Bravo :)+1
April 11 2017 17:12:14
Marcelo D Thanks for the kind words Tof. +0
Nice track man!<3;)+1
April 11 2017 17:12:33
Marcelo D Thnx Ake :) +0
Such a vivid imagination you have to come up with a composition like this. Cheers!!!+1
April 11 2017 17:13:16
Marcelo D hehehee yeah... crazy mind I got :) Thanks for listening and playing :) +0
April 11 2017 17:13:30
Lenny Cowler
Marcelo D Just like your add... Thnx bro +1
Really cool :)+1
April 11 2017 17:13:44
Marcelo D Thank you so much. Obrigado amigo:) +1
Great template my friend !+1
April 11 2017 17:13:58
Marcelo D Thanks Texasson :) +0
Great job template, to do in wachlist... ;)+1
April 11 2017 17:14:32
Marcelo D Hi Mario. Thanks for passing by, listening and playing. :) +1
Smorgasbord of music like this much.G+1
April 11 2017 17:15:09
Marcelo D Yeah. Its kinda salad of sounds and styles. Glad you liked:) +0
Always a great listening with your tracks Marcelio! Great freshness and creativity with your usual superb technique! :)+1
April 11 2017 17:15:39
Marcelo D Thanks for the listening and for the kind words Stef:) +0

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