Etude Nr.1

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United States
acoustic Guitar:
GemmyF1382 jams
step I
Blueberry32 jams
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+ 4
Thanks for the wonderful track Gemmy to explore the "DAD" tuning.


Totally SUXs!!!!!!
as of Oct 31 2017
4 likes out of 188 listens.
EVERYBODY must be SOOOOO great here! And Such high standards.
and A Holes!!!!!:o:(:|
November 02 2017 00:48:15
Blueberry For me it's hard to stay humble when you know you are the best:D. It's a wonderful song Jim.I cherish it. +1
November 02 2017 01:05:39
GemmyF It is surely beautiful!!!:D +1
November 02 2017 01:10:43
Blueberry The best has yet to come +1
beautiful music from you two ;o)+2
April 02 2017 01:05:45
Blueberry Danke Ulo. +0
Wished you lived here we could start gigging!<3:D+0
March 29 2017 01:19:49
Blueberry Jim,i'm just a lousy guitarplayer.I would like to create a christmassong and collect royaltys every year. +1
March 29 2017 18:44:01
GemmyF I did a T-shirt idea for the University of Texas Art Department. It was like the people looking at the T-shirt were the canvas and I had some crazy guy with a paintbrush in one hand and squeezing a paint tube in another, and in a thought bubble he was thinking "I did it for the money"
ALL the "noble artists" in the department who couldn't admit to themselves that they wanted to make money off their art, voted for some lame idea, used and used and used again, something like the HeART of Texas----And the execution was just as lame and middle of the road......SO I just told you how to come up with a royalty maker. Now go out and do it. I need some new sneakers!:D:@:o
March 30 2017 22:41:59
Blueberry I think it is wishful thinking ever to get payed for my guitar playing. The only gig i ever had was fourty years ago on a fair and earned 50 dollar. We had to play "Ta-Da" when somebody drew the lucky number.
I find it difficult to discuss art. For me good artist may earn a reasonable salary.
March 30 2017 22:50:29
GemmyF Iwas taliking about getting paid, just play out and about...Now you place is really Top Drawer you can get top EURO for it and move to the 3rd coast and sweat with me!!!:D:| +0
March 30 2017 23:15:43
Blueberry For me it is always a great honor to play in your tracks.But to be honest i really don't care about money. Yes i posted that i wanted to collect royalty's. Didn't say i wanted to get rich. +0
March 31 2017 00:19:25
GemmyF I don't even think Adrian Belew is rich! He might be kind of comfortable in his "old age" but I'm pretty sure the wolf hangs out outside his door, just like ours. BTW I spent a month in the Hospital and NO insurance--The Bill is Astronomical! So Even if I got rich --the Hospital and doctors would have it!:| +0
April 07 2017 06:19:59
Blueberry For me it is incomprehensible that you can not be assured. Here in Holland (Europe) you compulsorily insured.I hope you can manage to make ends meet Jim. +1

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