Slam Dunk

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Enjoyed the great groove of Klaus again! I played this drumtrack before, funny how the feel can change in a year or so.... cheers all,


Very cool ¡¡:)+1
March 29 2017 23:49:01
Marceys Thanks! Enjoyed it! :) +1
Golden Pulsation on the golden parts !!!
Really rich movings in this one
March 29 2017 23:50:02
Marceys Played it a bit more busy the first time but i decided to get it more relaxed.... glad you like it Tof! :) +1
so cool ! soft and still punchy :)+1
March 29 2017 23:50:40
Marceys Thanks! Was cool to play on the drumtrack! :) +1
Cool track and sounds. I like the dark green in the end. :)+1
March 29 2017 23:51:17
Marcelo D
Marceys Thanks Marcelo! Enjoyed the playing! :) +0
Drums the same, you've changed and hopefully you think it's for the better! Sounds mighty fine to me.+1
April 01 2017 08:49:17
Marceys If it is better i don't really know but it is different and i think that is a good thing! We are all changing a bit in time caused by all the influences of others! That is something i really dig! :) +1
What a groove! Those yellow parts sure are challenging. Great chords on the green :o+1
April 01 2017 08:50:45
Marceys Great that you like it Kenny! When i start a thing like this it is in the moment of what i feel rught than!
The next morning i sometimes think.... what was i doing? :) :)
Nice playing and feel! Some of the funky parts feel like a bass groove. Very nice, maestro! :)+1
April 01 2017 08:52:35
Marceys Sometimes i think like a bassplayer! I always wanted to play bass too! But never took the time to learn it real good! Good music without a strong bass is hard to find! :) :) +1
April 01 2017 17:44:57
jaeusm And I always wanted to play keys too. It's difficult and time consuming to become proficient on more than one instrument :) +1
Great :)+1
April 09 2017 02:58:38
Marceys Thanks a lot! :) +1
Super mcGroovy !!!+1
April 10 2017 23:37:23
Marceys Thanks Ernie!:) +1
Very beautiful Rhodes sound.. Is a real Rhodes? Reminds of Bob James..+1
April 12 2017 00:19:21
Marceys Thanks, this was played on a yamaha moxf! Not a real rhodes..... i have sold my real rhodes 15 years ago.... a real big mistake that i never should have done at that time! :( +0

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