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Noodling Noodlers make Noodles. Purging the hard drive of forgotten ideas


very cool idea Ron... keep expecting to see some space cowboys ready to do a shoot out on main street... very very cool movie soundtrack you have going.+1
April 03 2017 16:12:33
mortheol Awesome visual picture you paint Don:)
I can totally see it....I am calling Hollywood now, sell them my ideas...I will be rich:D:D
April 03 2017 21:42:36
Don_T Ron, I like to write songs.. so its my job to paint pictures with words :D Oh, if you get rich, don't forget us little guys :D:D +0
I see the light... coming from your head!!! super cool track Ron:D+1
April 03 2017 16:10:33
mortheol I believe it is more like smoke from the last remnants of my brain fizzling out...LOL;)
Thanks Dave:D
This is so freakin cool, like Dr Who on acid :D
I'm starting to rethink my "no upload on out there policy" ;)
Absolute killer buddy !!! :)
April 03 2017 16:07:12
mortheol Ohhhh man I was such a huge Dr.Who fan back in the geekB)
I also had the same policy as you...but I havenet had much time to play so I was going thru music I have done but never uploaded here, thinking kind of strange and maybe not too easy to add to.
But stuff I like to play and enjoy. I guess I figure at the very least maybe someone may just enjoy listening to it. I guess music can be posted, not just for the add potential, but also just for listening.
Makes me happy you really liked this one:D
Very cool Ron. I love your ideas :)+1
April 03 2017 16:02:24
mortheol Thanks Rene, I have a lot of these I have done.
Maybe I will keep posting them and see how they received here:D
April 03 2017 16:01:23
mortheol Thanks Groove:D +1
Hey Ron Awesome track buddy,love this sort of vibe:);)+1
April 03 2017 16:01:08
mortheol Thanks Pete:)
It is my Hippy Trippy ambient space vibe:D
very very cool one mortheol...+1
April 03 2017 16:00:06
mortheol Thanks Slin:)
A little on the "Spacey" side;)
cool Ron ... very good base :)+1
April 03 2017 15:59:33
mortheol Thanks Andrea:)
I hope someone can do something with it.
Dan Phelps would be proud of you, as I, fellow noodle-hut inhabitant!:D for this beautiful piece!!!!+1
April 03 2017 15:35:10
mortheol Thanks my fellow noodling noodler:D
This Dan Phelps guy is a fraud..he is copying me every step of the way...LOL:D
Purging the hard disk is often a good ideas :) Great amb you're create here, it remind me a movie with Neil Young music, think it's dead man ...+1
April 03 2017 15:58:19
mortheol Thanks GP:)
I have a hard drive full of this type of music I have done but never upload. I sometime think it is too strange and not easy to add to, but you never know.
I don't know this movie but will check it out:D

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