Saxophone Bass Sandwich.

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Drums & Bass:
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New Zealand
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Giving support with harmony, counterpoint and general backing to Mario's excellent track. Tenor sax.


Love that Arabic and other scales your using, interesting how you mix them all+1
April 05 2017 21:20:56
Wade To be honest there's never any thought in terms of the modes/scales. The melodic line I hear is played regardless of other considerations. Just glad if it works in others ears. +1
Magic phrasing in your style so soft and airy. I love your range between octaves with incredible fluency always in line with the melodic construction!+1
April 05 2017 06:47:30
Wade You have a melodic/romantic heart so get this. I'm always amazed how you make the keys sing...especially the Hammond. +1
April 05 2017 15:43:36
Stef With the passing of years, and you and I we have several on the shoulders, melody and expressiveness become more and more important. I'm sure that for you is the same thing. It's your sax to tell me this ... Thank you Wade. +1
April 05 2017 21:26:24
Wade You're too kind to include me as being at your stage of development. I just play one note at a hard is that? You've got two hands working playing chords, rhythm, AND MELODIES! +1
April 05 2017 21:40:03
Stef No Wade, I believe that the sax is an instrument of enormous difficulties. I own a Conn of the first 60's from which I can not pull off two notes below. Not only are the fingers but the breath control and the mouth. The problem is not playing one note at a time but it is what notes to play and how to play .... +1
April 05 2017 21:51:21
Wade Well it does take practice. Did you learn how to play keys instantly? After playing sax for a while the fingers play what you want to hear...just like on a keyboard. Breathing (for most) comes naturally, and the sound you make is just like singing, so you use the same inflection. (more breath pushed harder is louder, less breath softer). To me it's much more difficult to make a strictly mechanical instrument (like keys) give feeling in melodic lines, and you're so good at that. With a sax it's much easier. I know of people who become very fine sax players within two years. To master a keyboard takes decades. The sax is said to be the easiest instrument to learn to play. I don't think that's true...the kazoo is easier, and similar. +1
April 05 2017 22:04:14
Stef We are always the worst critics of ourselves and trouble if we were not because there is always more to learn and explore. But trust me, I do not agree on the greater or lesser difficulty of an instrument. I play instinctively why I love the Blues but playing in melodic key is one of the most difficult things, and I like it and you know this well because you are also always in search of the phrasing. Phrasing ... this is the key word...and you know doing wonderfully well. +1
April 05 2017 22:06:19
Stef about melody ... I just released the 1st album of 11 templates all with the same drums DFD track. It will follow another .... +1
April 05 2017 23:08:56
Wade Phrasing I think comes naturally from initially being a singer. To play any instrument melodically means that you use phrasing as though you are singing. That means stopping for breath...something sax players need to do! +1
totally awesome job, Wade :)+1
April 05 2017 06:45:51
Wade Thanks Don. So glad for the listen and comment. +1
Major 3rd
very nice Wade! :)+1
April 05 2017 06:45:16
Major 3rd
Wade Cheers Major! +0
Ohhh Wade so good sandwich!! ;)+1
April 05 2017 06:44:45
Wade Yea, here I am stuck between two of you. A very good place to be (musically). +1
a fantastic add Wade,so cool...+1
April 05 2017 06:43:52
Wade Thanks slin, yea a bit on the mellow/cool side...we are going into autumn. +0
Lenny Cowler
April 05 2017 06:43:09
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. +1
Is this one of those numbers that Harvey Korman was dancing to in his bathing in "It's a Mad, mad, mad world"
well if it is it sure had me groovin' at lest in my mind.
April 05 2017 06:42:57
Wade Well it is a mad world and I'm proof! Cheers GemmyF +0
Hold the mayo, this sax sandwich tastes great without it .. great playing ... nice track!!+0
April 04 2017 15:35:47
GemmyF But how about some gooseberry jam?:| +2
April 05 2017 06:49:19
Wade Nope, kiwifruit jam. +1
April 05 2017 14:38:19
Ernie440 U can make jam out of kiwis .. that would be interesting ... kiwi wine too .. no doubt .. +1
April 07 2017 23:14:52
Wade Check it out:

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