Escape From Reality

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Cool song :) i hope all these songs are entirely yours and not held by other guys or third party as for copyrights ? you need to read what a [url=]public license[/url] on wikiloops means ... on a side note wikiloops is about collaborating with fellow musicians ! for showcasing finished songs there's a whole bunch of different platforms ;) welcome to wikiloops ! looking forward to hear you jam on the loops :)+1
April 05 2017 22:26:18
Demi Thanks a lot! All of this songs are demos of my band - Newind, entirely composed,arranged and recorded by our band. it's just for a showcase of our material, but we will be pleased to collab with a drummer, to record a live drums. Also there will be scetches of another songs as well as other projects of mine, where we will search for collab to complete these ideas. So stay tuned and thanks again for your kind words!:) +1
another rocking track there. Nice repertoire :)+1
muito bom, Demi. bom trabalho+1

Please give it up for the band!

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