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Playing with the heavies! Not sure about what I've dumped on this fine funk track. Two different box sounds. Kind of like an oversized electric kazoo. Thanks guys I hope you understand...ands forgive.


:W what a blast wade, awsome sound and playing, cool band:W+1
April 07 2017 21:36:03
Wade Hey earlsteven thanks for checking this out. Was great fun for me to play in a hard thumping band. +0
More like "Stomp on the Twentieth"

My ankles hurt with all the stompin' this track produced! Nice Orchestration by ALL on this!
And groovy add by DaDump's friend and sometimes partner in crimes!
April 07 2017 21:39:35
Wade Yea, was a race between Da Dumps and wade to see who would grab this one. Love the thump of this and just wanted to be in there. Hard to do without covering some of Tof's fine guitar work. Ace bandages on their way to you for those ankles. +0
Didgeridoonino :)
The snake sneaks sneaks sneaks
Wild thing wild groove!!
April 07 2017 21:42:00
Wade Hey Tof, very glad to hear from you. Was difficult to play this without obliterating some of your very fine guitar lines...was worried. This one is modified Tenor Sax. Just love the hard vibe of this and wanted to be in there with you and the guys. +1
Wade, this is really terrific, your progressive sound is awesome. It's reminds me a jazz rock group that enjoyed great fame in the mid 70s "The Back Door" a trio in which the sax was the spearhead. But beyond the sound are your lines really fantastic to amazing me. Absolutely I love all of this your great add. Sound & talent! Congratulations of course to the all of you.+1
April 07 2017 21:52:09
Wade Always so kind in your comments. Thanks Stefano. It's a bit frightening how easy this style is as it just takes attitude and isn't a matter of playing very fast, just heavy. The boxes help give that heaviness and remove the cliche associated with the sax sound. Was going for a guitar vocoder kazoo sound with edge. The bass and guitar lines have some great lines and subtle changes that were a challenge. Ran rough on a few of them. +1
Sound and play is totally awesome, can not get enough!+1
April 07 2017 21:54:53
Wade So glad you can relate to this. You are a quality player who can play very gently and can also play "rough". Thanks Balfo. +0
This is totally cool, Wade.. love that sax :W:Y<3+1
April 12 2017 11:15:35
Wade Cheers Don. Sorry I missed seeing this first time around. The listen and comment very much appreciated. +1
I like this sound, you should use it more! It has movie theme written all over it :) Awesome track by the band !!!+1
April 08 2017 11:34:34
Wade Cheers Mr B. I never though of this a cinematic, but why not? Would have to be an action movie. Very strident. +1
very cool sax sound, like it very much...:Y+1
April 08 2017 11:36:49
Wade Thanks saxvandie. A very kind compliment coming from a fellow sax player. Most sax players are inclined to be "purists". +1
Lenny Cowler
April 08 2017 21:18:42
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny! +1

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