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Hi everybody. I've been doing so many things lately and this song theme is accompanying me all the time. It was playing inside my mind... Tonight is a full moon and I just want to thank mother moon for the wonderful light and life she spreads all over this world. By the way this song is something between pop and the brazilian rhythm called baião. Thanks for listening. PS. Sorry for the late check at the amazing uploads you guys are making in all my ...


Marcello Olá, esta manhã eu fiz o download e eu começamos a montar para o baixo, mas para o mistério terminou chords. Você pode me ajudar.
(tradução desculpa).
Fantastic track and talent! Great Marcelo! :)+0
Nice composition! It would be cool to hear a drummer on this. If I was a decent drummer, I'd do it myself :)+0
francisco al
muito bom, Marcelo...+1
May 01 2017 01:51:49
francisco al
Marcelo D Obrigado Chico :) +0
Wonderful ideas which will accompany my day! Thanks, Marcelo!+1
April 30 2017 00:50:06
Marcelo D Thanks for listening and commenting Liesching. It means a lot coming from such an artist like you :) +1
Very cool composition Marcelo! The harmonies sounds really rich! Drums and bass please! :)+1
April 30 2017 00:48:53
Marcelo D Hey Marc. Thnx for listening. Emm still waiting for drums and bass hahahaha maybe they won't come... +1
April 30 2017 09:34:55
Marceys Think the Loops changed a bit lately.... too many tracks and people just don't have the time to listen to them all.... +1
April 30 2017 18:54:32
Marcelo D The life is crazy too. So many to dos. I was away for a month because of work and gigs. Only now I could stop by and no matter how much I listen there are always cool tracks from great musicians, like you, that I keep missing. We do what we can... I wish for the day that art will have more value than other things and we will be really recognized for our artistic work here and outside here too. +1
April 30 2017 19:15:29
Marceys Well, gig's are always great! Specially when you have a great band together! I am doing some more gig's myself too! Playing live is always the coolest thing, but the loops are great too! Hearing the different versions and spin-offs are just a real cool thing!
May 07 2017 07:25:01
jaeusm Regarding drums, this seems like a track that mpointon would have jumped on. Since he's not really recording much anymore, you may have to ask a drummer. +0
Nice One...:)+1
April 30 2017 00:47:33
Marcelo D Thnx Tee-kwa:) +0
fantastic Marcelo :)+1
April 30 2017 00:47:18
Marcelo D Gracias amigo :) +0
Lots of downloads and I guess we can expect to hear this fine track of yours coming back for quite some time.+1
April 30 2017 00:47:07
Marcelo D Hi Wade. Thanks for hearing. So far nobody added... But the tracks at loops can take long to receive adds sometimes. Its an unique place and it makes it even more fun :) +1
April 30 2017 01:07:16
Wade I'm certainly guilty of that. Can take me up to 6 months to post back a download. This has several sections and interesting changes. Not one I could just hit record and expect to know what's coming. +1
April 30 2017 01:09:27
Marcelo D I also have a waiting list but as a composer many times I rather start a template than to jam... +1

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