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My mic would only stretch so far --same as my ability--- If you just click play (and are in a forgiving mood, and don't expect too much--it might be somewhat...kind of enjoyable listen...welll..... but if you pick your spots singing could happen, guitars could happen, of course bass and synths......horns.....
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moody pop, classical, soft rock


This sounds as if you were playing in a hall in an old castle. Your sense of draturity fascinates me!+1
April 12 2017 20:16:05
GemmyF Big Question though Peter??? Did you hit the download button! Come on man where's your sense of adventure!!!!
Also I played a guitar with this, might have carried the load and would be easier for your Flute or what ever.....:D:Y<3
April 13 2017 18:30:27
Pewi ;) +0
this one is very very good Gemmy,hat off...+1
April 12 2017 19:35:48
GemmyF Thanks Nils, as I welcomed you into the house for a piano listen, you should take your hat off--etiquette demands!!!!:D:D +0
this very cool, Gemmy.. piano man on the zebra plan :)+1
I was wondering about how this would sound, mic placement, etc, bc my wife plays. Doesn't sound bad. Pretty cool effect actually. Homemade reverb lol+1
April 11 2017 23:27:27
GemmyF I did add reverb in Logic
Plus I like to play with the "EXPANDO-Reverbo pedal down all the way" on the piano!
April 11 2017 23:28:22
GemmyF if I could have gotten closer it would have sounded better. Like right around the ears!:D +0
Very wonderful music my friend <3 ... you should play the piano more often ;o)+1
April 11 2017 22:03:16
GemmyF Thanks Uli! I drive my wife bonkers when I play--she's a piano snob! I have a Midi Keyboard but it HAS NEVER WORK!!!! I guess when you(me)(we) buy the cheapest thing you(me)(we) shouldn't expect much! +1
April 12 2017 09:15:57
Uloisius Please give your wife a greeting from me with all respect. Please consider your attitude to your pianoforte again as it seems to me as if I could hear your feelings ... +1
April 12 2017 18:00:49
GemmyF She always comments on your singing when I play the CD I made for the Radio Show I'm trying to land(not sure if they have the guts to air it):(:(:o +0
nice piano there Gemmy :)+1
April 11 2017 22:07:54
GemmyF It's funny there is a country(unnamed where) they won't buy a used piano, so they ship used ones to the USA and probably other place that don't have as high standards to buy the "USED" piano. And they are PERFECT condition and should ROBUST--Wished I could have gotten the mic closer to catch more nuance of the tones--I guess if I played better there would have also been more nuance to the sound! LOL +0
Didn't even know you had a piano!! :) Great Jim! <3+1
April 11 2017 19:48:37
GemmyF Yeah my wife got rid of the spinnet she had since early music lessons as a kid and got a used Yamaha Upright--it has a Xbrace in the back. Just thought I'd set down and try something --I hardly play--but I love to play--I don't have much of any technical knowledge--had to look up what I was play on note chart we have--old 4 page chart of chords +1

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