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Bass & acoustic Guitar:

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I had a really great time making the adds for this great track from Joao and Alice. I made a swing drum beat and a simple "bluesy-walking" bass line. In the first solo space I made a full acoustic (no plugs - real-mike) guitar solo. There is still free space for solos from 02:13-02:40 and from 3:13-3:40. Every instruments here would be much appreciated. Please feel free to join. :)
THX for listening. I hope you will like.


April 28 2017 01:09:25
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Peterpingo
+1 April 28 2017 01:50:17 francisco al Peterpingo
Thank you very much Francisco. :)
April 21 2017 00:31:57
Let's dance :)
+1 April 21 2017 07:40:19 hartmut Peterpingo
Heh hwh. Thank you Hartmut. I´m so glad you feel this way. :D:)
April 20 2017 17:39:53
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
great work Peter!!!!!
+1 April 20 2017 18:06:19 Major 3rd Peterpingo
Thanks Craig. So glad you like it. THX for listening. :)
April 19 2017 19:18:08
a very very good add Peter...
+1 April 19 2017 21:11:26 slin Peterpingo
Thanks Slin. I´m so glad you think so. :)
April 19 2017 04:57:07
Peter! you painted this track in a very lovely way, that full acoustic gives that sweet vintage feeling, great walking bass, wonderful adds, so happy you join us
+1 April 19 2017 10:55:23 aleonz Peterpingo
Thanks Alice. I´m glad you hear the vintage idea. I think your song here reminds me a lot of "Vintage days". The days when we had great musicals. The song has a "Disney-Cinderella" atmosphere. ;)
April 19 2017 02:52:24
Hi Peter, great addition, man! I do like the walking bass and soft drums! Nice guitar solo too! Thanks for joining us...👌🎸🎶🎵♬♪♮
+1 April 19 2017 10:50:17 jjdf Peterpingo
Thanks Joao. I´m so glad you like it. I have liked this track for a while and planned to make this add. THX. :)
April 19 2017 11:51:16 jjdf jjdf
Glad you have had great time doing this, well done, my friend...
April 19 2017 00:42:35
Indeed the mic works best on the acoustic... what a great job you've done on this swingin track. Really cool detail with phones on :)
+1 April 19 2017 10:48:44 Psycho Peterpingo
Thank you very much my friend. I think the "real mike" gives a little more of the acoustic guitar body sound than most pick ups. :)
April 19 2017 23:22:16 Psycho Psycho
Oh definitely... :W
April 18 2017 22:53:54
Fantastic Peter :D awesome and beautiful my friend
+0 April 18 2017 22:56:22 ivax Peterpingo
Thank you very much Xavi I´m very glad you like it. I really had a lot of fun (great time) making this track. Thx Friend :)
April 18 2017 23:02:43 ivax ivax
Good job and fine :) amigo
April 18 2017 22:27:24
Wow, Peter, absolutely cool! The bass line and the discreet percussion fits super and your solo, really virtuosic played!
+1 April 18 2017 22:32:17 Pewi Peterpingo
Thanks Peter. :) I think the "old school" trick with a real microphone instead of the guitar mike in this song gives it a little more "life" A little touch of the good old days. :D I´m so glad you like it my friend. It still needs two solos. Maybe a sax and a flute? ;)
April 18 2017 22:38:01 Pewi Pewi
Yes, the sound is really good, like me. Speaking of old style, listen to track 98773 ;)
April 18 2017 22:52:32 Pewi Peterpingo
Exactly Peter. :W
April 18 2017 22:53:22 Pewi Pewi

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