hear no evil (GrooveEnth mixed in)

Remix step #4 (playing)

Mixer & Sequencer & Guitar:

kimbo286 jams Supporter
+ 9
heard it, loved it, thought it might be fun to mess with.
re EQ'd, snipped previous extension bars and re did timing, layered in some triangle, african ghost bells, egyptian darbouka, vocal samples, jet doppler ending, and synth fx, then added a couple of guitars. then i got GrooveEnth (neil) to let me have his baseline from #100945 ....cut it up and refitted it to the new length re EQ'd it put on a bit of sub and reverb....and bob's yer uncle!....fun track! by the way.
GrooveEnth's version is called "Monkey Fever", hence my version is "hear no evil" (I'm only one of the wise monkeys, and its not Micky Dolenze). enjoy!
chords used: Eflat5sharp9 A7 C9 Bm9...thats all she wrote.
just had it pointed out to me that the very first bar of the intro is actually from #100861 which i used to align the bass..so thanks also to "slin"


April 23 2017 18:54:58
wow very very good kimbo...:W

April 22 2017 04:10:48
Da Frank and Stein Mix. Very cool.
+0 April 22 2017 10:39:20 Wade kimbo
April 21 2017 09:04:48
Damn Kimbo, what a project! I know how much work it takes to get all the bits and pieces to work together and mix them in, so lots of thimbs just for that! And the guitar is cool too, nicely mixed in.:Y
+0 April 21 2017 10:41:47 TeeGee kimbo
Thought this was a simple one really, but glad you like.
April 21 2017 11:09:47 TeeGee TeeGee
itwasasimplething you showoff :D
April 21 2017 08:56:04
I get on up! Awesome job Kimbo and great to see you uploading again. Love these projects of yours :D
+0 April 21 2017 10:40:50 GrooveEnth kimbo
Thanks for your help mate.
April 21 2017 11:13:37 GrooveEnth GrooveEnth
My pleasure mate -really enjoy hearing what you do. Love the little vocal samples on this (as well as your fine guitar playing and percussion obviously! :)
April 21 2017 01:49:47
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bom, Kimbo

April 21 2017 01:02:52
Glad you're back, such awesome play kimbo... killer pro track !!!!
+0 April 21 2017 01:05:43 Psycho kimbo
thanks mate... same old same old really....but i had fun;)
April 21 2017 00:48:41

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