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...y'know what i'm gonna say anne... shouldn't have gone there;). anyhow, from my normal complexities...this is as stripped down and restrained as i get. the temptation for a big "lighter-waver" solo was killed stone dead by the stunning old schools keys in the mid section. Despite this tune's apparent "openness" it was quite a tight fit to get in and out without treading on any of the stunning talent already laid down....anyhow my old valve amp clean sample curve and a fab old ...


cool guitar sound :) i like your effort playing where it's needed and keep the restrain ! nice buddy :)+3
April 22 2017 00:05:53
kimbo less is more!
i think I'm better at getting the "sound" right, than playing.
i certainly cant play if I'm not comfy with the sound. as i found in berlin;)
Great restraint shown here Kimbo! <3+2
So finely blended into the sound<3+2
oh yes, you were MEANT to go there.
what a perfect intro, Kim
i love your sparse licks throughout.
all our toes are unbruised - your add was wonderfully thoughtful in that regard.
2:54 - gorgeous, Brother.
3:58 - YES, please....:)
Damn - it's embarrassing how much i love this song! :)
thank you, Kim xxx
April 21 2017 19:20:57
kimbo ...pleasure ...and privilege all mine... thank you lady +0
Thank you very much for this one!!!+1
Beautiful short phrases between the lines so well played with great musical sense to keep the right balance and dynamics and this was not easy. Very nice sound. An excellent add Kimbo. Thank you for joining. :)+0
April 21 2017 23:44:47
kimbo thank you my friend, for having me:) +1
So very sensitive of you Mr Kimbo. Good one!+0
April 22 2017 10:40:16
kimbo know me...sesetive all the way. +1
How did I miss this??? Beautiful playing, very sensitive. Less is more, I need to try to remember that!!+0
April 24 2017 13:44:31
kimbo Don't you change too much! I love the way you play!
You don't want to end up like me.....being repetitive.😘
muito bom, kimbo+0
Wonderful! Thanks Kimbo, Anne, Stef & Klaus! I just love this... <3 :)+0
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