Growing Apart

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Kinda rough, but my mood is too. Feel free to add or just listen


cool energy :) i can hear a slightly out of tune guitar ? watch this because it might keep ppl from joining ;)+2
April 25 2017 06:50:43
RogueJP Thank you. Youre right one string was slightly out of tune. Ill re-do it sometime, at the time when i played it I didnt care +1
April 25 2017 06:54:43
OliVBee and that should be one lesson well taught (would be for me) : ALWAYS take care of the tuning first thing first no matter you're recording or not ! +1
April 25 2017 21:07:33
RogueJP SHOULD be but it isn't. Im still going to pick up my guitar when im in a bad mood, and just play the hell out of it, whether its perfectly tuned or not :) I will keep it in mind though, NOT to post it, and just keep it for my own enjoyment then. +0
francisco al
ficou legal, RogueJP+0
a kind of a Bob Dylan feeling to this one+0

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