Brazilian Soul (Pedra Branca)

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Hi folks :) I reaaaaaallllyyyy miss this place. I've been gigging and traveling and working and... Well, its just good to be at home after one month without stoping any weekend. In this track I have recorded my accordion for the first time. I am still learning how to play it for real but I couldn't stop myself. This is a brazilian style called xaxado. Its a powerful dance rhythm that was used by the outlaws from the northeast after wining the battles. I made it a ...


Very very nice, Marcelo!!+0
FABULOUS track Marcelo :Y+1
Wonderful work Marcelo.+1
May 04 2017 22:50:39
Marcelo D Thanks Frankie :) +1
Wonderful Marcelo!! Love the accordion.:)+1
May 02 2017 22:44:36
Marcelo D Thanks Bothen. I hope to record it more often :) +1
would like to add this one to my Radio show that features wikiloops music on the Public radio staion in my city. Is that OK? with Alice's singing and dimeomax's bass.:)+1
May 02 2017 19:49:48
GemmyF I've also asked both of them! I need permission from all involved.:) +0
May 02 2017 19:50:16
Marcelo D For me its ok. If all included in this collaboration know and agree I dont see no problem. Hope your project runs just fine :) +1
May 02 2017 19:53:02
GemmyF Thanks I'm hoping this to be a weekly program so I'll probably asking you're permission a lot on different songs you are involved in that are EXCELLENT! +0
May 02 2017 19:55:13
GemmyF this is what I wrote to 1Trumpet:

Thanks So much! It's in Corpus Christi Texas, and based on music from wikiloops. My goal is to gain interest from the Music departments--3 good ones in my city and surrounding area to where the radio broadcasts--- to send their students(Especially Horns and brass and Keys, String players, and Vocalist to start to play here)
May 02 2017 20:32:20
Marcelo D You can use all my songs. No problem. Is this a Web radio? If it is can you share the link for the access? Maybe it's a good idea to share at the forum too... what's your opinion? +1
May 02 2017 20:39:34
GemmyF No it doesn't play on the web, just analog broadcast----way behind the times where I live---Yes I've been waiting to hear back from the Program Director---he was very interested but he is slow and I gave him my first program to review....I interviewed OlivBee and featured one of his's pretty cool to think we might reach even more players this way!:D AND yes once I get a firm Start date from the station I'll be frantically trying to gather lots of music for a weekly hour long program and find people I can interview that speak english fairly well enough for an interview:D So I'll start a forum to ask for suggestions aof great tracks and offers to do interviews! +1
May 04 2017 22:51:38
Marcelo D Hey Gemmy. Just give me the credits as a composer when you use my tracks, please... +1
Raaahhhhhh I love !!!!! I'll add a cavaq....+1
May 02 2017 22:43:46
Marcelo D Happily looking forward for your add :) +0
Such great music Marcelo ! :)+1
May 01 2017 12:38:00
Marcelo D Thanks Rob. Glad you liked buddy:) +1
this sound very good, but also finished, only Alice give it a new direction+1
May 01 2017 01:49:43
Marcelo D Hi Mandolodda. Glad you liked my friend.
Sometimes I post with the piano only and people are not joining because they don't have a clue about Brazilian styles. So I decided to make it almost done but with some room for vocals, solo and bass.
It seems to work fine for the loops. Maybe I can add less information next time and keep it more opened.
I learn with each track what's the best thing to do.
Thanks for the feedback and for hearing my song my friend :)
May 01 2017 12:36:00
mandolodda yes, that is a good reason +1
francisco al
muito bom, Marcelo. xaxado forró, dois ritmos nordestino. bom trabalho+1
May 01 2017 01:45:26
francisco al
Marcelo D Grande Francisco. Como todo bom brasileiro sacou as duas partes, o forró e o xaxado. Eu só coloquei o xaxado na descrição porque iria dar um nó na cabeça do pessoal.
Que bom que gostou amigo. Bom ter vc por perto. Abraços
May 01 2017 09:33:42
francisco al
francisco al ok Marcelo +0
beautiful :):):)+1
May 01 2017 01:43:02
Marcelo D Thanks Abu:) +0

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