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It's been a while, I've been out from loops. So good to be back. I'm so sorry if I missed many of your wonderful track here. 2 weeks ago my 11 yo nephew win his battle of sickness his suffer from prader willi syndrome, and he is in a better place now. In my tribe, after a week of mourn, we must celebrate the life of the one who passed away, and also a reminder for us to celebrate our life. ...
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Marcelo D
Wowowowow this is just perfect. I have no words to describe the feeling that I have when I listen to this song.
I can see Sam playing his guitar somewhere in heaven and celebrating the choice he had to have a super cool aunty like you Alice. I am sure it gets to him and make him smile.
I cant stop crying happy tears here. It remember me from a Polynesian tape my grandmother brought me when she was at Hawaii back in the 90s. It has the same island tribal vibe as your vocals at this song.
Wow. I can only thank God that I have the honor to help you make such a beautiful celebration for Sam's life.
It gives a meaning for all the light received through this song. Sometimes I ask myself where do the songs come from? Where is the power that make them happy or sad? Beautiful or powerful?
Now that this song has a purpose its even brighter and full of meaning.
Thanks to you and thanks to Sam for his beautiful struggle for life. He is a warrior and he deserves all the honors.
I send all my love for Sam, for you and your family right now. :)
May 02 2017 01:43:45
Marcelo D
aleonz Thank you for your support during my hard time after he passed away, you encourage me to make a song for him, but i couldn't find my will to sing during my mourn, seems he prefer a joyful song to remember his life. The first time I listen this song i was thinking of Sam, and it's just a perfect song for his little happy and cheerful soul. I do picturing he dance and play his guitar as he used to do when he listen a happy song...thank you for creating such a wonderful song with a wonderful vibe...it's an excellent gift for him! thank you s much Celo, AV S2 +1
I am left without words of how to turn into joy a sad moment :|+2
April 30 2017 17:36:46
Marcelo D Sorry for answering here... but I guess it's the only way to balance the pain of a loss and a very beautiful and noble way to deal with death and the physical distance it creates from the people we love. Let's celebrate life while we still can :) +3
May 02 2017 01:46:27
aleonz I believe we all have our way to deal with death, in my culture (my tribe) we give time to mourn but then we celebrate to let their spirit free :) thank you so much Mario, and also for your wonderful bass line. +1
May 02 2017 01:47:01
aleonz very well said Marcelo, I agree with what you said :) +1
such a cool and rich song ! love that you can use music to pour happiness into a celebration ... and especially one of this kind :)
wonderful !
May 02 2017 01:52:38
aleonz Thank you so much Oli! music always a great way to express the feeling +1
Hi Sam !!!! <3+2
May 02 2017 02:06:14
aleonz Hi Arno! thank you :) +1
really Nice Alice... I feel the celebration. My sincere condolences. One day we'll all be in that 'better place' with our loved ones that have passed before us and we should not fear but joyfully look forward it. I believe it is a better place :)+2
May 02 2017 02:07:59
aleonz Hi Jim! I can't agree more ! that's very true!thank you so much +1
Beautiful Alice..Such a shame to lose anyone, yet someone so young. But your folks have the right idea. Celebrate life! :) You never know.

My thoughts are with you at this moment, and Samuel as well.
May 02 2017 02:11:15
aleonz It's never been easy to lose someone we love so dear, thank you so much Mark! +0
Beautiful song to celebrate a life gone too soon.
All my love and peace to you and your family Alice :)
May 02 2017 02:13:24
aleonz Thank you very much Rob! +1
My dear, I'm so sorry about to hear this!!
Wonderful way to remember to him and to celebrate the life!!
It's beautiful you did this wonderful song :)
May 02 2017 02:16:14
aleonz Thank you so much Franky! it's been a tough time, but we embrace his happy memory now +1
Thanks for sharing Alice. You celebrate his return to the Universe as was intended. Happy that you have returned to the loops, as this was intended also. :)+2
May 02 2017 02:18:46
aleonz Hi Dav, thank you so much for your kind words! +0
I'm really sorry Alice, my condolences+2
May 03 2017 04:29:46
aleonz Just finished listen to your wonderful bass line Max! thank you so much +0
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