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I had this old wonderful track in the viewfinder for so long but I was hesitant to play here. The atmosphere is already so marvelously intense but I have to try it ... it's stronger than me. Fantastic guitar by Texasson, amazing drums by Lenny and the Voice ...the outstanding Voice by Anne. I added the Hammond ... Thanks Texasson, Lenny and Anne for this opportunity...
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You are stronger than you know ;)
Just perfect Stef. Enjoyed.
May 03 2017 21:16:07
Stef Thank you so much Frankie! :) +0
Playlisted in Great Jams
Going to have to air on my radio show!(soon)
May 02 2017 21:06:21
Stef Thank you so much Jim! :) +0
WOW, that sounds great! You play with a lot of feeling and music understanding (as always);)+1
May 02 2017 21:07:47
Stef Thank you so much Peter! :) +0
Great Job Stef! ;)+1
May 02 2017 21:09:53
Stef Thank you so much Tullio! Gracias for your add! I'm listening now! :) +1
excelente Stef. Sobre sai na hora certa. perfeito Stef+1
May 02 2017 21:10:14
francisco al
Stef Muito obrigado Francisco! +0
wonderful play :)+1
May 02 2017 21:10:26
Stef Thanks a lot Gary! :) +0
Wonderful playing Stef. Your Hammond really brings this already fantastic track to an even higher level. Great work my friend. :)+1
May 02 2017 21:10:54
Stef Very kind Peter! Thank you so much! :) +1
Yes!!!Great play bro, I´m very glad for your excellent add:)+1
May 02 2017 21:12:22
Lenny Cowler
Stef It's a real pleasure to play here with all of you! Your drumming is always fantastic! :) +0
Oh yes Stefano, great !!! Great you don't hesitate and added your fantastic Hammond!!! Great. :)+1
May 02 2017 21:15:20
Stef Thank you so much Franky! I was not sure of doing the right thing ...:) +1
oh! your melody on the intro is so inspired, Stef!
love the counterpoint you do so very well.
your subtle keys murmuring in the background fit beautifully.
2:23 - yes please!
what a fine finish - i love that what i love calls you, too.
thank you, Brother!
May 02 2017 21:26:36
Stef I confess that I longed so much to play here, but I was afraid to alter the atmosphere of your wonderful and expressive voice. I only wanted, if possible, to outline the your nuances that make this song so magical. If I have, at least partly, been successful I am happy. Thank you dear Anne!! :) :) +1
May 02 2017 22:21:06
AnneCozean You are so successful, you may take the rest of the week off!!! Love your outlines, Brother Dear. :) +2
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