Political Revulsion

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Everything is said in the title!!! Thanks to Arno, and the Strayerz' rythm section: Ray & Ernie ^^ Guys you did it great!!! Apologies to my school teachers of English, they are not responsible for this ^^
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Fantastic add and lyrics ¡¡¡ :) Great jam you all ;)+2
May 02 2017 18:51:37
Funkystan Hey GreenDog! Thanks a lot ^^ +1
Really STRONG performance & message from you, Stan!
Great song from ya all :)
May 02 2017 18:57:33
Funkystan Hey Carp'!!! Thanks a lot my friend^^ +1
superbe hit bravo a tous guitar bass drums and voice je kiff:W+2
May 03 2017 15:52:55
Funkystan Hey!!! Merci Bassman :W +1
Whaou !!!! Super génial AWESOME !!!! Bravo :D
It's fu..^$ù"ing rock !:W
May 02 2017 18:51:10
Funkystan Merci Arno^^ Le morceau est génial j'ai tenté de vous suivre et de développer le message du titre. J'aimerais bien faire une version Française!!! :W +1
May 02 2017 19:01:13
ARNOSOLO J'ai hâte d'entendre ça !!! :W +1
May 02 2017 19:10:19
Funkystan Le texte dépendra du résultat de Dimanche... Au cas où çà soit mieux que si c'était pire. Dans tous les cas çà me gonfle!!! ^^ +1
May 02 2017 21:31:32
ARNOSOLO Pas mieux ... et ma femme colombienne encore pire ! +1
Super song and add my friend!! Another hit with a good message. I love the bad words !! hahaha :) :D ;) :W+1
May 02 2017 18:54:41
Funkystan Lol^^ Did my best on bad words,a French version could have been even worse. Actually I'm gonna try to write a French version of this! Thanks a lot Ernie, you bassline is a killer one!!! +1
May 02 2017 19:04:46
Ernie440 Thanks, a Francais version is a great idea! +1
May 02 2017 19:16:39
Funkystan Will try but It's not that easy. I'm stuck on a French version of our Strayerz' tunes. Seems like I have less filters on what flows from my mind when doing it in English. So far, what I write in French is arty-farty, pretentious ^^
Got to work on this ^^
Amazing Stan! Great message, your voice sounds super! This song just needs a solo! Thanks buddy!+1
May 02 2017 18:57:08
Funkystan Many thanks Ray!!! Don't know if a solo would be in the punk feeling we have here. Will try^^ Amazing play from you Ray! Just great... Thanks ^^ +0
I love this song. Great vocal performance(s). Really enjoy how you did it and all the production choices you made.+1
May 02 2017 22:47:09
Funkystan Thanks a lot Marocon!!! I couldn't have done this without the band. This is a collab work ^^ +0
May 02 2017 22:57:38
marocon Didn't mean to throw shade at the band - the song wouldn't be what it is without their excellence too. +1
May 02 2017 23:00:17
Funkystan I know you didn't, just wanted to highlight their job. You're right, they are excellent!!! Thanks again mate ^^ +0
Hey Guys ! Absolutely genial! Everyone of you did a amazing Job! YEAH! :Y :)+1
May 02 2017 22:47:49
Funkystan Hey Adu!!! Thanks a lot buddy ^^ +0
This is excellent+1
May 02 2017 22:48:58
Funkystan Thanks Bro'!!! I'm in a great mood! Waiting for your coming tracks ^^ +0
You had me at the first 'uh'
Such a cool cool song. 'Fucking shit heads' OMG you really sang it Stan lol :D
<3 You!!!
May 03 2017 10:51:18
Funkystan Really delivering what I have in mind with the ideal excuse that I'm not a native English speaker^^ Let's say that I don't understand what I'm telling ;)
<3 back !!!
May 03 2017 20:34:47
Anon518 If you need any help with English language...give me a shout! 😘 +1
May 03 2017 20:46:26
Funkystan Would be awesome to have your help.
Using English to express myself is someway a gift to my complex mind^^ Who said twisted mind? ^^ I'm forced to make it simple with what I know. What would be cool is if could tell me if it's correct or not. And tell me how my pronunciation sounds ^^
May 03 2017 20:56:00
Anon518 You do really good English to say it's not your Mother language.
I've even proof read American lyrics and make it better! Let me know which lyrics you'll need help with and I'll message you back. I wouldn't worry too much about your accent, it'd be like you getting me to speak French perfectly...it isn't going to happen 😁
May 03 2017 21:15:35
Funkystan Deal!!! <3 +0

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