Tribute to Opeth

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I'm not a literate buff but I wrote a poem (best I could) reflecting my thoughts about this piece.

It's cold, cold and I'm walking.
I've been walking along, along. Raining.
Been raining the whole time.
I'm in no hurry, hurry and time doesn't ask me.
I need to know why, but I don't yell, yell.

I keep myself in a pace, not to a particular place.
What am I doing, where I am going, going?
And yet I continue my journey, knowing.
Knowing that I will find a way, a way
that leads me to where I will understand.

While i am walking, drenched from the rain,
While I have no time to lose or gain.
Time, that irreconcilable force,
that comes and goes, goes.

Comes, comes and goes.
Goes somwhere where it is wound up and used again, again.
It is a precious gift that is given to us.
But the greatest gift is that which is forever.

Will I remember, ber?
What if I forget, et, et, et?
How do I know, know?

I come to a crossroads. I stop, stop.
Stopping and looking.
I then realize I have been looking at the ground, ground.
The cold wet, unattended ground during this whole journey.

I then look, look up.
Looking up at the sky. I see.
I see, seeing it. He is looking at me.
The very things that I see in the sky,
are the same things that have been given to me.

The same things that are eternal,
are forever within us, and have been with us, us.
We just need to remember that we need to believe.
He gave us a reason to believe, believe.

I see the sunrise, rise. Rising.
Remembering. Yes. I now know, know.
I know where to go. I will remember.
My journey will show me the very, very things,
The very things that will let me believe.
Very need indeed...+0
Much appreciated hartmut and Dan+0
Beautiful, ArkRock+1
You've really made this very cinematic and dramatic. Great job, really adds to the great guitar.+1
May 05 2017 22:21:27
ArkRockStudio Thanks a bunch Dan! +0

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