Come and get it....

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Come and get it if you want it
Not going to wait here for ever
Come and get it if you want it
I can’t tell by reading your mind what you want
So you got to come and get it if you want it
If you want it

Don’t be asking me stupid questions
I told you I can’t read your mind
So if you really really really want it
You have got to get off your ass and come and get it
I aint got no time to play your game
Aint got no time to give you anything
So if you want it
You got to come and get it
Stop playing your foolish games

Get off your ass and make it the same for me
Aint got no time to play your foolish games
Ah no I don’t Ah no I don’t

So if you want it
Got to come and get it
So if you want it
Got to come got to come and get it
So get off your ass come and get it
Come on Come on
One more good jam with u my friend ! :W+0
May 05 2017 00:51:52
solozolo Great style :Y +1
May 05 2017 00:53:37
solozolo I have got to get some electronic drums and a bass. So I can chime in.... hard to play with a mouse on my computer. Lol +1
May 05 2017 00:58:08
ARNOSOLO Hard to "groove" with a computer ... i understand ! but the song is really fun :D +1
May 05 2017 01:04:52
solozolo Just can move the mouse fast enough to do any serious rolls when need to. Lol +1
Nice man!:Y+0

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