Just A Moment. (orch.version).

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This little tune was made as a guitar thing from the beginning. An idea That just continued to evolve. I composed all the voices on the guitar before recording it on the keys. Later I will upload the clean-only-guitar version. The key is changing during the tune from A-minor to C major and A-major. The BPN is only approximately. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you will like. Peter


Yes , theres that lush , breathing orchestration again! 1:08 to 1:28 is really nice because it all expands, contracts , expands again....The end part with the guitar joined by the cathedral organ organ at 3:26 is pretty. Music for the soul!+0
January 12 2018 16:12:18
Peterpingo You are SO kind Joe. :) Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. +0
January 12 2018 16:18:28
Relativity I know what it is I like about your music. You think melodic phrasing. You guide the listener to some sort of epiphany. You are a composer in every sense. +1
January 12 2018 16:26:10
Peterpingo I think you have "read" that quite good Joe. I´ve alway focused a lot on the melodies. The horizontal universe. But at the same time I fell that a good phrase deserves a good "underline" in the vertical universe. (The chords) Sometimes that makes some pretty fancy chords. But now and then a quite "normal" chord can du magic just because of an alternative bass line. :) +0
What gorgeous template Peter🙏😎+0
Fabricio L
Sounds Fantastic! :)+1
Wonderful and again wonderful Peter! A beauty!! :)+2
May 22 2017 18:46:13
Peterpingo Thank you so much my friend (again :) ) +0
francisco al
muito bonito, Peterpingo. trabalhou legal+1
May 22 2017 13:30:57
francisco al
Peterpingo Thank you so much Francisco. :) +0
Lovely tune, sounds great !! :)+1
May 22 2017 00:51:11
Peterpingo Thanks Franky. I´m very glad you think so.
THX. :)
Wonderful composition, what a sweet song, you made my morning sky smiling Peter...so lovely feeling+0
May 07 2017 05:51:42
Peterpingo HEh heh. Thank you very much Alice. It´s good to know you had a nice and gentle wake up because of the tune. :) +0
WOW, Peter, this is GREAT! You have such a gift for arranging, selecting the right instrumentation, playing, composing and your mixing is STUPENDOUS!+1
May 07 2017 05:49:58
Peterpingo Thank you Dan. Your fantastic words makes the whole project worth all the work even more. Thank you my dear friend. :) +0
smukke musik ;o)+1
May 07 2017 05:48:34
Peterpingo 1000 (tusinde) tak Uloisius. ;) +0
Major 3rd
Huge! fabulous song here Peter....rich and full...cheers+1
May 07 2017 05:47:29
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks Craig. So nice to read you like it my friend. :) +0

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